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KineticD & Manawa Networks Provide Streamlined Cloud Services to SMBs

Digital Content Manager: Cliff Boodoosingh on May 30, 2013
Hybrid Cloud Solution Enables IT Consulting Firm to Assist Small and Mid-Sized Businesses in Migrating to the Cloud

TORONTO, May 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- KineticD™, known for its cloud backup and data recovery services for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs), today announced that its real-time backup solution is providing Manawa Networks, a leading full-service IT consulting firm, with the ability to deliver onsite or cloud backup to SMBs throughout Canada. 


    Manawa Networks provides IT managed services for SMBs with storage requirements of any size.
    Microsoft Certified KineticCloud™ Backup for Servers software provides a true hybrid cloud solution that backs up critical data to a local server as well as to the Cloud
    KineticD's hybrid cloud solutions provide Manawa Networks with an efficient business advantage over its competitors
    More than 60,000 business users worldwide utilize KineticD's patented "Pause and Resume" technology to protect their businesses from major data loss, in the Cloud, onsite or both
    KineticD's patented technology backs up data changes as "versions" while applications are open, thus providing continuous protection for all data types, including difficult-to-protect programs such as MS Outlook

As the popularity of the Cloud continues to grow, entrepreneurs and SMBs alike are looking for reliable cost effective solutions that not only protect company assets and provide immediate data recovery tools but also provide access to that data from any endpoint; quickly becoming a necessity for the growing mobile workforce. KineticD offers robust data backup and recovery options that include a true hybrid cloud solution and easy-to-use software tools for end-users and IT professionals.


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Matthew Held, Co-Founder & CEO of Manawa Networks, said:  "As an IT consulting firm supporting small, medium, and large business, we constantly listen to the needs and wants of our customers and respond in ways that allow them to thrive and prosper.  We look for partners that provide simple and robust solutions. By integrating KineticD's patented software and secure Cloud offerings, we are able to provide an all-in-one solution, delivering quality, value and performance to our customers."

Jamie Brenzel, CEO of KineticD, said: "We are excited to be able to enhance the service models developed by IT professionals such as Manawa Networks. KineticD is committed to advancing the adoption of the Cloud through its partner network by delivering the tools needed to bring data protection and recovery to all facets of the value chain."

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