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Phone: 1-866-430-2406
  • Founded in 2002 | CEO is Jamie Brenzel
  • Headquartered in Toronto, Canada | Data Center: Toronto, Canada
  • Employees: 25+ | Customers: 15,000 SMB customers/ over 40,000 users
Company Overview:
KineticD™ sets a new standard by providing small and mid-sized  businesses (SMBs) with the same level of service and protection for irreplaceable digital assets that large enterprises enjoy. It delivers  comprehensive solutions that enable SMBs to continuously backup, restore, access, and share information online from any location. Its  agile, cloud-based services are specifically designed for MBs that want to activate their digital assets and more efficiently share and  collaborate through improved access to information. Founded in 2002,  the company’s industry-acclaimed Data Deposit Box product delivers  advanced, patented technology that is used daily by over 40,000  customers, and is supported around the world through an extensive  partner network. KineticD delivers powerful online solutions that are  simple to use, affordable, secure and accessible no matter where your  business takes you.

Data Center: A state-of-the-art data center alongside the systems of  telephone and communications companies at the hub of the Canadian Internet. This is a highly secure infrastructure, including several  levels of access control and round-the-clock security.

KineticSecure™: As business information and assets become more digital, there is a rapid growth in data, drives and devices. Protecting these assets for disaster recovery has become more important than ever before. The KineticSecure storage service enables users to easily backup, access, share and recover online digital assets using either a Windows PC or Mac client. Unlike other online backup services, its patented Continuous Backup™ technology immediately detects, encrypts and automatically saves incremental changes – even with open files such as Outlook and with always-on servers such as Exchange. KineticSecure makes it easy to recover multiple files, versions, folders and/or systems through the KineticD Web portal and lets users immediately restore lost files with just a few mouse clicks wherever and whenever needed.

KineticExtend™: Businesses and their people are more mobile today. They need to have access to their digital assets wherever business takes them. New solutions are required that allow business people to securely access and work with their data remotely over the network, from any location and computer, more efficiently sharing and collaborating through better access to information. KineticExtend lets users securely access applications, files and devices on their PC from another PC anytime and anywhere there is an Internet connection. Service providers and IT support professionals will also find it easy to securely access a user’s desktop without the complication of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or taking the time to go onsite.

Company Highlights
KineticD Ranked the 19th Fastest Growing Technology Company in Canada  in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50

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