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Keytime BACKUP Launches: Simple, Effective Online Backup

Cliff Boodoosingh on February 11, 2009
Feb. 11, 2009- Keytime is pleased to announce the launch of a new service providing high value, secure online backup.

Keytime BACKUP is a simple, no nonsense online data backup service that allows any pc user to protect their files by simply dragging and dropping them into remote storage.

Once your files are safely stored you can rest assured that they are secure, accessible only by you from anywhere in the world with your secret passphrase. And if it's important email that you want to protect, you can drag and drop them from most major email software packages too...

Keytime BACKUP also allows you to create regular online backup jobs that you can run quickly and simply and for business users scheduling is available as well as the ability to run as a service.

If you have SQL Server then Keytime BACKUP has the solution for you, in exactly the same way as you would drag and drop a normal file, it is now possible with Keytime BACKUP advanced technology to drag-drop a backup of a running SQL server database without having to stop anyone working.

Keytime BACKUP also securely and safely compresses and encrypts your personal data.

Not only is the solution easy to use and navigate around, but now you have the ability to remotely access your data from ANY PC, at ANY time via a web browser. And should you need more storage space, then no problem, you can easily extend the usage of your account.

Pricing is straightforward and very competitive (approximately half of the cost of the recently launched Iris service): -

    * Up to 1GB - £4 per month

    * Additional storage, per gigabyte of data - £4 per month

    * Microsoft Exchange add-on - £10 per month

For a user of Keytime compliance software, 1GB is normally adequate to backup a Keytime database.

Please note - all prices are exclusive of VAT and payment is by Direct Debit or recurring credit card.

Please call 0161 484 3500 (taking option 1 for sales when prompted) or email to discuss Keytime BACKUP in greater detail.

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