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Iomega Corporation

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Since 1980, Iomega Corporation provides personal storage solutions and helps people manage their important information, from anywhere in the world. Millions of computer users prefer their award winning products, for sharing, transporting, sorting and backing-up their critical information.

Whether you choose to automatically back up your files using the backup client, or manually back up your data when you need it, you can be sure your files will always be available through the Web interface. With iStorage all your documents are free from disaster, virus, human error or theft.

iStorage™ Home Edition
Protect yourself and your personal files with this simple and cost effective online storage solution. iStorage™ Home Edition can help you manage, share, and store your personal data. iStorage can store your files securely while giving you, and anyone you designate, global access in one affordable package.

iStorage Professional Edition
For many companies, data is everything. If they lose their data, they lose their company. iStorage Professional Edition helps you protect your very confidential financial documents. If you need additional storage, you can upgrade to a higher capacity. You’re billed based on total capacity and not by how much you use. Each authorized user can move as many files in and out of the account as needed as well as share, email and transfer data.

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