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Intronis Technologies Details High Growth Online Backup Partner Program

Cliff Boodoosingh on February 20, 2008
High Margins, Flexibility, & Low-Touch Sales Draw Nearly 1,000 VARs and Resellers

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, NJ--(MARKET WIRE)--Feb 19, 2008 -- Intronis Technologies, a leading provider of online backup services, today announced details about its partner program, which has allowed nearly 1,000 channel partners and VARs to build businesses while significantly increasing their bottom line. Whether it's Intronis' referral or reseller program, partners are attracted to the Company for the recurring monthly revenue stream, high margins, program flexibility, and tier-one product support.
"Our partner program provides resellers with opportunities to grow and benefit throughout the lifetime of their business and enjoy a higher margin than normal in the online backup industry. Depending on their specific needs, they can also take full advantage of rebranding opportunities to further their business growth," said Sam Gutmann, president of Intronis Technologies. "Seventy percent of our business is through channels and we've been profitable year over year. We understand the value partners bring to the distribution of our product and will continue to offer the best flexibility and margins to drive resellers' bottom line."

Intronis' partners have the option of referring, reselling, or rebranding Intronis' online backup service eSureIT -- three options developed to fit any individual business needs. As partners secure more eSureIT customers, the percentage of revenue they receive also increases, and partners have the flexibility to switch between programs and tiers depending on their business goals. For example, Tech Pacific started as a referral partner, however, increased its number of end-users and then opted to resell Intronis' technology. This same partner then took advantage of the unique opportunity to rebrand Intronis' eSureIT technology as its own.

"By partnering with Intronis, I can rely on monthly revenue and grow my business at my pace. Since Intronis compensates partners at a higher percentage no matter the program, I've benefited from switching between programs based on my comfort level and number of customers. Now, I've increased my monthly revenue by nearly 400 percent after opting to have my own online backup service through the white labeling option," said Rakesh Gurmel, founder, Tech Pacific.

For larger resellers, Intronis offers a volume program where they can purchase a specific amount of space on the Intronis servers for data storage. Intronis will bill the partner monthly for the amount of space purchased, and the reseller then fills that space by selling smaller blocks of storage space to their customers.

Unlike other vendors in the industry, tier-one support is offered no matter the partner's tier, and Intronis' well-known customer service means that partners can stand behind the technology they've referred or resold. However, channel partners also have the option of handling customer support, which can be an additional source of revenue.

"Whenever customers call with questions or need to restore files, I'm confident that their needs will be addressed quickly. The eSureIT technology is easy to use, and therefore, easy to sell with other products," said Carole Schuster, vice president of business development, Celt Corporation. "We're finding that our own customers are increasingly moving toward online backup instead of traditional storage methods, and having Intronis as a partner is a great selling point."

Using eSureIT, customers can schedule backups to begin automatically based on business rules, sending data to two separate storage facilities located hundreds of miles apart. Since the information is accessible online, customers experience a reduction in backup and recovery times and spend less time tackling tape management issues. Data is fully encrypted using a unique 256-bit encryption key that's personalized to each user. With multiple backup sets, full file restoration and unlimited revisions, eSureIT provides SMBs, enterprises and consumers with a flexible and robust backup solution. The technology also addresses today's remote business by allowing automatic access and interaction with drives and resources on several remote computers.

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About Intronis Technologies

Intronis Technologies specializes in data backup for the entire range of consumers, SMBs and large enterprises. Intronis' eSureIT online backup service securely automates the process of offsite data backup with two distinct mirrored storage facilities. Data is fully encrypted utilizing a unique 256-bit encryption key with full file restoration possible from any location at any time. eSureIT online backup service truly is insurance for your data. For more information on Intronis and eSureIT, please visit:

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