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Introducing MiMedia, a New Online Backup Service

Cliff Boodoosingh - OBR Editor on October 20, 2010
 Introducing MiMedia: Your Digital Life, Anywhere, Anytime

Port Chester, NY (October 18, 2010): Today, MiMedia, Inc. introduced a next-generation online personal media platform allowing users to secure and access their digital lives instantly from any web-connected PC computer or iPhone. The MiMedia Beta is now available to the public at

"We are proud to introduce an innovative service that gives consumers the ability to access and enjoy their digital lives from anywhere. With MiMedia, all of your photos, videos and music are instantly available to you," said Founder and CEO Erik Zamkoff. "MiMedia offers consumers a high-quality and intuitive media access experience, while also providing security for all of their files. We recognize that people love to enjoy and share their digital lives and they understand they need to secure it."

MiMedia optimizes the initial upload process and secures digital media and other files online in multiple data centers. Once online, MiMedia presents and organizes digital media logically by media type in a single, elegant user interface, MiMedia Online. Users can login to MiMedia Online from any computer or iPhone to listen to music, including their favorite playlists, watch videos and view all of their photo galleries. In addition, MiMedia makes it very easy to privately share photos and videos with friends and family.

Features of MiMedia Online include:

    * Digital Media Player & Library:
          o Music: Enjoy your DRM-free music anywhere. Play songs continuously, in shuffle mode, or by song list. Sort by song, album, artist, or decade. Album art is presented for each track.
          o Photos: Browse and manage your photo library in thumbnail or view full-screen mode. Slide show presentation is in high-resolution. Photos can be sorted by gallery, slideshow, date or title, and can be shared with friends.
          o Videos: Share and enjoy videos in full resolution, sorted by date, title, or topic, with high-quality streaming in either small- or full-screen mode.
    * Backup Dashboard: The dashboard is organized in the same structure as the home device which makes accessing and downloading files easy.
    * (m:) drive: The superior alternative to the flash drive, the (m:) drive is an online drive that follows consumers everywhere to provide a secure place to store important files. Any file stored on the (m:) drive can be accessed or downloaded from any web-connected device.

In addition to MiMedia Online, the free MiMedia Mobile App gives iPhone users instant one-click access to their entire personal media library on the go. With the MiMedia Mobile App, users are no longer limited by the storage capacity of the device so they never have to choose which memories or music to take with them.

To improve the consumer's overall experience, MiMedia has developed a new and patent pending approach to initial backups. Users can either backup their files over broadband or use MiMedia's free Shuttle Drive service for faster upload. The Shuttle Drive service leverages a specialized and encrypted hard drive sent to the user shortly after signup. Attached to the PC by USB, the Shuttle Drive encrypts and backs-up all selected files automatically. The drive is then returned to MiMedia in the same box using the enclosed label. Post initial backup, new and changed files are secured automatically over broadband. Therefore, consumers never have to schedule a backup again.

"The Shuttle Drive allows users to get all of their files online in little time while avoiding tedious broadband uploads that can make backup a painful process," added Zamkoff. "We believe that the value of instant digital media access is enhanced when users have their complete library online."

A subscription-based service, MiMedia offers monthly and annual options, starting at $5 per month or $50 per year for 25GB storage. MiMedia is currently in Beta and will be formerly launching its service soon. A Mac version is also in development.

About MiMedia
MiMedia LLC enables consumers to securely backup and instantly access photos, videos, music and other files, no matter where they are, via any Web browser.  The company is privately held and based just outside of New York.  For more information, please visit the company's Web site at

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