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Indianapolis Colts Draft Venyu Online Data Backup & Recovery

Cliff Boodoosingh on April 26, 2009

April 25, 2009- Venyu, a leader in commercial-grade, customizable solutions for data protection, availability and recovery, recently announced a new partnership with the Indianapolis Colts to deliver a cost-effective, accessible, off-site data backup and recovery solution. The Colts join a growing list of NFL franchises teaming with Venyu for a more reliable disaster recovery plan.

As more companies work to update their data backup practices, there is an increasing focus on the importance of disaster recovery as part of the holistic data protection strategy. Encouraged by the NFL to consider the repercussions of natural disasters, media failures and hardware malfunctions, the Colts decided to abandon cumbersome and outdated tape data backup, in exchange for Venyu's accessible, off-site solution.

"Hurricane Katrina caused many of us around the League to evaluate our ability to recover from disasters and consider proactive solutions that would mitigate these threats as well as other potential outages," said Ryan Fannin, Director of Football Information Systems for the Indianapolis Colts. "The limited solutions were unrealistic until we heard about Venyu. Our data is now reliably protected out of region, to multiple storage vaults, and we can easily manage backups for two separated networks while keeping the information secured with encryption."

The Colts franchise joins the many SMBs particularly 2-20 server environments choosing a process that offers off-site and online storage, advanced recovery solutions and technical support.

"Business data continues to become a more critical component to an organization's vitality. As such, the concern to protect data and ensure business continuity is on the rise," said Brad Nisbet, Program Manager, IDC Storage and Data Management Services program. "Disaster recovery solutions that employ online backup, such as those from Venyu, are quickly becoming an attractive alternative that allow resource-constrained SMBs to protect exploding amounts of data without the expense needed to design, implement, and manage their own solutions."

"Owning our datacenters and having technical expertise in areas like virtualization has put us in a strong position to address recovery and availability goals organizations have today," said Scott Thompson, CEO of Venyu. "For the Colts, we provide off-site backup and recovery for the franchise's Exchange environment, file servers and databases so they can focus on strategic initiatives and day-to-day operations with the assurance that their data is continually backed-up and protected out of the region to separate storage vaults."

Venyu was introduced earlier this month as the result of a merger between 11-year data backup leader AmeriVault, and 20-year hosting services and data protection veteran, NTG. Venyu operates as a subsidiary to health information technology provider PHNS.

About Venyu
Venyu is a premier provider of data protection, recovery, and availability services tailored to support the recovery objectives and service levels companies require to stay competitive. Venyu's progressive portfolio includes online data backup, physical and virtualized recovery solutions, managed hosting, SaaS, and co-location services. Venyu, headquartered in Baton Rouge, LA, with offices in Waltham, MA, is backed by geographically-diverse, Tier IV datacenters, highly-qualified technicians, and iron-clad security controls.

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