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IDrive Online Backup Launches App Gallery

Cliff Boodoosingh, Editor-in-Chief on April 11, 2012
New IDrive App gallery showcases apps developed on the IDrive EVS cloud platform.

LOS ANGELES, April 10, 2012 / PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Cloud storage provider IDrive has released public APIs for its EVS platform. EVS, which stands for Encrypted Versioned file System, is the foundation of IDrive's family of products. Developers are free to create apps using these APIs, without the burden of any upfront cost or licensing fees; all a developer needs to start up is an IDrive account, and a 5GB account is available completely free of charge. In order to spotlight developers' apps, IDrive has created an App gallery.

At launch, the gallery will include:

IDrive Connect - map Google Docs to a Windows PC as if it were a regular folder

Password Storage Vault - stores passwords, encrypts them with a private key, and then stores them in an IDrive account

Microsoft Office Plug-in - backs up Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Word files, in real-time. EVS allows for saving up to 30 versions of every file, which means a subscriber can restore files in case of "digital accidents"

Primadesk - allows for searching, managing, and backing up of personal cloud data, all using a single interface.

Built with developers in mind, EVS is a cloud storage platform with a set of public APIs providing maximized security and encryption with built-in file versioning. These APIs can be used to create innovative applications for backup, storage, disaster recovery, and any number of other reasons that are scalable and require minimal coding. EVS was built in-house, from the ground-up, for IDrive. These powerful APIs make it easy to upload, retrieve, manage, and store data anytime, from anywhere on the Internet.

There are plenty support options for interested developers. IDrive's EVS site is host to forums where developers can post their questions or offer solutions. The development team is on hand to answer questions as well. It will even be possible for IDrive to actively promote successful apps; IDrive and the EVS team want to see developers succeed and looks forward to seeing what the community comes up with.

IDrive Online Backup is available for home and server editions of Windows and MacOSX and for mobile devices in the Apple App Store and Android Market.

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