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Hybir Announces New Class of Full Online Backup Products

Cliff Boodoosingh on September 03, 2009

Hybir Announces Hybir Backup - the First in a New Class of Full Online Backup Products

DENVER--(Business Wire)-- A new full online backup service was announced today by Hybir, Inc. a Denver, CO
area company.

Hybir Backup performs data de-duplication at the client against the cloud while also supporting private key encryption. The patent pending Hybir technologyeliminates the need to actually send most of the data to perform a backup.

"Hybir Backup offers unmatched performance and unique capabilities," said Rasch Young, co-founder and CEO of Hybir."We solved the upload bandwidth problem for the majority of the data on a typical PC. That allows us to offer unique features such as full online backup and the ability to quickly restore a PC back to a point in time. Hybir Backup can also perform what is called a bare metal
restore. A bare metal restore is restoring a PC without an Operating System. All of this can be done over a typical internet connection."

"The service is available for Microsoft Windows-based Personal Computers and requires a broadband internet connection," Rasch said. "Most of the files on your PC are important or they wouldn`t be there. Other online backup services can`t help you get your PC working when it won`t boot or have other system problems. Hybir Backup can typically fix those issues in a couple of minutes."

"Security and reliability are even more important than the performance and features set," Rasch said. "That is why everything is encrypted using the highest level of SSL, and users can select their own private key and all of their data will be encrypted using the government approved AES 256 encryption algorithm. We also store everything at least twice on the backend. Most online backup providers store your backups once. It is expensive to store the backups more than once," said Rasch, "but we think the added reliability is worth it."

Hybir Backup is available now in three service levels starting at $60.00/year at

The Hybir web site also provides detailed information about the service and has screen casts, otherwise known as movies, of the service in action.

Hybir is a Denver, CO area startup specializing in software and technology. Hybir Backup is their first product.


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