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Getting Started With Online Backup

Cliff Boodoosingh, Editor-in-Chief on October 28, 2010
After visiting the online backup service provider’s website and filling out the registration form, you’ll be eligible for a free demo or trial. We encourage you to go through this process before formally signing on and do a test drive.

The first step is usually a confirmation email with user and password information exchanged and shortly thereafter a software download procedure will take place.

Once the software is operable, your system files are scanned and you’ll have to determine which files, folders or databases you need to backup. At this point by the mere click of a mouse you select which files to back up and select “add to backup” or “back up now’’ and you are on your way.

Encryption of your valuable information takes place before the data is uploaded to the provider’s server for safekeeping. Don’t be alarmed if this initial process takes longer than expected. The next backup session will be speedier because only recent “changes” to the files will occur, as the initial information is already stored. The downloaded software monitors selected folders looking for changes. As changes are detected, the software has the ability to extract, compress and encrypt the information before transferring it to the data centre, whenever the user is online.

Shortly afterwards, you will get a message confirming that your file is backed up and protected either by email or popup.

Next you’ll set up a regular schedule for future backups at times you deem suitable. The software has a schedule menu and you can select the times and days you prefer. Many choose times that their computer is idle, overnight for example, or off-peak hours during the workday.

If you’d like to verify that your files are safely tucked away, all you need do is log on from any computer with Internet access and browser and your recently backed-up up documents will be there.

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