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Fox Networks Shifts to Nirvanix Data Backup

Cliff Boodoosingh, Editor on August 21, 2012
Fox Networks Group Selects Nirvanix Cloud for Content Sharing and Increased Data Protection

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Nirvanix, the leading provider of enterprise-class cloud storage services, today announced that Fox Networks Group has selected the Nirvanix Cloud Storage Network™ for digital content collaboration to accelerate secure access and deployment of key media assets. The Nirvanix cloud has also been selected as a replacement solution for multi-tier data and tape backup. The implementation of Nirvanix cloud storage will enable Fox to speed up its content workflows as well as content processing for global monetization.

"We expect that the agility and elastic flexibility of the Nirvanix cloud will enable Fox to bring its creative content and business projects to market significantly faster than with other IT architectures," said Ben Hope, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Fox Networks Group. "By incorporating the cloud as the core of our asset sharing and distribution strategy, we can improve production performance and reduce the costs of our workflows, and benefit from a pay-upon-content-ingest model as opposed to a CapEx-intensive model that requires us to pay for physical infrastructure even when it's not in use."

"The cloud is not just about raw capacity," said David Vellante, President of, a leading IT think tank. "It's also about simplifying data access—especially across the globe; ensuring data consistency; collaborating over different time zones. Key to this vision is a global namespace so that everyone can see and access the same data concurrently. These attributes translate into business and technology benefits that are much harder and more expensive to attain with traditional storage approaches. Wikibon research suggests that Fox is at the forefront of maximizing business value in the media & entertainment industry. The integration of Nirvanix cloud services into its global content workflows and processes is a vital enabler for Fox in our view."

Nirvanix has a worldwide network of data centers with a global namespace that enables Fox to upload a file in one location and ensure that it's accessible in any other location immediately. This true global namespace spans data centers, countries, and regions, and pools all data into a single repository accessible from anywhere.

With the data consistency of the Nirvanix Cloud File System™, Fox is assured that changes made to any single file are immediately reflected across the whole cloud, not at some future point in time or during "consistency windows." This is critical for businesses like Fox who cannot afford to waste hours editing dailies that have been re-shot or make wrong decisions based on outdated files. Other cloud storage offerings, not ready for enterprise-scale global deployments, can't match these capabilities.

"Nirvanix has the only consistent data storage on the Internet," said Dru Borden, Chief Strategy Officer, Nirvanix. "Nirvanix replicated files are not disaster recovery copies but live, active copies that do not have to be recovered or restored to be accessed. For our customers, it's about the time to recovery not just the ability to get to an eventual state of recovery. Live replicas across multiple geo locations provide for continuous business operations for deadline-sensitive, 24x7 content engines such as those at Fox."

The Nirvanix Cloud File System is designed to support millions of users, billions of objects and exabytes of data, and is architected from the ground up to accommodate massive unstructured content files that are prevalent in the media and entertainment industry, such as those generated by filming, editing, and rendering.

About Nirvanix

Nirvanix is the leading provider of enterprise-class cloud storage services designed specifically for customers with expectations of extreme security, reliability and redundancy. Under its CloudComplete™ portfolio, Nirvanix is the only company that offers fully managed public, hybrid and private cloud storage services with usage-based pricing. The company's battle-hardened, proven second generation technology is utilized by leading IT OEMs and is fully integrated with third-party backup and archiving software products and appliances, enabling One Click to the Cloud™. Nirvanix has global customers accessing its Cloud Storage Network™, from SMBs to Fortune 500 companies. For more information visit and follow Nirvanix on Twitter.

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