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Four Ways to Find Cloud Storage for Businesses

Cliff Boodoosingh, Editor on October 11, 2012
Choosing a cloud backup vendor can be a daunting task – here are 4 considerations that separate consumer from business-class cloud backup providers, provided by VaultLogix.

Danvers, MA (PRWEB) October 10, 2012 - With the many cloud backup vendor choices at your disposal, choosing the right one can be tough. So, I offer an insider’s look at the four key considerations for cloud backup including; vendor focus, security, regulatory compliance and data recovery. The following is a quick breakdown of each.

#1 Cloud Vendor Focus
First you need to match what you’re backing up to the appropriate vendor. Most businesses are backing up servers with business operating systems and applications such as Microsoft Exchange, Dynamics, and many more. So if you are backing up servers, you can eliminate the “unlimited storage” companies that are only for PCs. Also ask for support hours and/or an SLA, because it’s important to be supported 24/7 in an emergency – when you need your data fast.

#2 Security
If you are running a business, you can immediately eliminate file share companies like DropBox to back up your data. You’ll need a cloud backup service that encrypts as it backs up your data, and maintains encryption at the destination data center. This way, even if someone were to access the server that your data is on, the data would be useless. Mandate SOC2 compliance to assure security is audited.

#3 Compliance/Regulations
When choosing a cloud backup solution, businesses are well advised to confirm that the vendor's services are in compliance with your regulatory requirements such as HIPAA, the PCI-DSS, SEC, Sarbanes-Oxley and Graham-Leach-Bliley, among others. Different online backup companies meet each requirement in different ways. Understand how your cloud vendor helps you meet internal compliance requirements and external regulations – because one vendor will likely not cover every requirement.

#4 Data Recovery/Retentions
Over and above the retention requirements required by regulations, it’s important to decide how many versions of your data you need to save and for how long. Consumer cloud backup companies only keep one or two versions of your data, and it’s often quite hard to recover – taking hours or days. Business cloud backup solutions allow you to designate the number of versions saved, and the periodicity (retentions) you require – weekly, monthly, yearly or even 7 years as the SEC requires. When it comes to recovering data, you need the speed and flexibility to restore what you need, when you need it.

Most consumers and businesses agree, it’s important to get your data offsite in case of hardware failure or disaster (water, fire, etc.). However, all of your data is likely not critical for you to protect. So, as a business you need to identify the applications and/or servers that are truly critical to business continuity, and make sure you can recover these quickly after a disaster. Because in the end, cloud storage augments your more comprehensive local backup policy – it doesn’t often replace it.

About VaultLogix LLC
Currently in 25 countries, VaultLogix provides over 8,000 businesses with cloud backup and data protection services. Founded in 2002, the company offers online backup solutions to meet the data protection and regulatory requirements of a wide range of businesses and industries. For more information, visit us at or call 877.828.5856.

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