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File Sharing Goes Mobile with Memopal Online Backup

Cliff Boodoosingh on May 30, 2009
NewswireToday - /newswire/ - Rome, Italy, 05/29/2009 - Share photos, videos, music and work documents of up to 2GB using your iPhone, Blackberry or any other smartphone.

Memopal Online Backup makes it possible to share photographs, video-clips and others files stored on your computer via your mobile phone. Just install the software on your Windows, Mac or Linux computers at home or at the office. The personal computer is by definition, one of those things you always wish you had within reach, but that is not always possible.

Memopal Mobile however makes it possible to share any type of file up to 2GB with whomever you wish, at a single click. Unlike other services, Memopal lets you share large video files on your mobile phone in just a few seconds, without having to download them first. Simply type in (or open the application on an iPhone), enter your username and password and search for the video you wish to share (for instance, the video of your vacation in Costa Rica), click on ‘share’ and the recipient will receive an e-mail within a few seconds containing a download link.

Memopal synchronizes the files on your computer with a remote archive all within the blink of an eye. The software also serves many other purposes. One of Memopal’s main priorities is to allow users to access files anywhere and at any time, in total safety. As a result, Memopal’s team of engineers has devised a tool that facilitates and speeds up online file searching, from mobile phones as well (Memopal cloud search). Memopal has its eye on the future and it constantly seeks out solutions that answer users’ needs - making improvements and saving them valuable time.

About Memopal
Memopal’s mission is to protect and organize users’ files. Memopal ( is a European company based in Rome. Memopal stands out above its competitors since all the data that is saved is also synchronized, searchable and accessible as soon as it is uploaded to the Internet. The most important files are priority synchronized. Memopal calculates the importance of these files according to the users’ interaction with them.

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