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ExEasy Enhances NetCDP Online Backup Software

Cliff Boodoosingh on January 06, 2010
January 6, 2010- Fremont, Calif.#ExEasy NetCDP(TM) LLC ( enhances NetCDP Online Backup Software with more advanced features and improved usability. NetCDP Online Backup is an easy and simple online backup and network backup software application for consumers and businesses. NetCDP 3.4 adds file retention after local deletion, security enhancements, intelligent dynamic file handling, better Windows 7 compatibility as well as common folder recommendations for regular users on top of compression, encryption, file de-duplication, unlimited but configurable file version etc.

NetCDP Online Backup addresses many of consumers' concerns about security, speed and costs. NetCDP completely eliminates the hassle of backup and is an online backup solution designed not only for small and medium business use but also for mass majority's use. NetCDP is perfect for home users and small business users with who don#t have IT expertise and want to have a hassle free backup solution to protect their valuable data assets as well as personal documents, audio/video files and photos.

NetCDP offers an extremely useful free version with limited features. NetCDP charges a one-time fee of $29 per PC for a software license, which includes unlimited of free updates and e-mail support. Then you pay Amazon for storage and other fees. S3 storage fees start at a high of 15 cents per gigabyte (GB) per month for the first 50 terabytes (TB). NetCDP compresses your files before they are sent on wire and stored to S3. Users normally pay much less if the original files are uncompressed. NetCDP Online Backup offers the flexibility to use CISF/SMB network shares as its backup storage target for better performance. Users can easily protected 100GB uncompressed data for less than $5 a month with compression.

NetCDP is a truly "Setup and forget" backup solution designed to be extremely easy to use. NetCDP Online Backup delivers unmatched ease of use, security, performance and cost efficiency.

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About ExEasy NetCDP LLC ExEasy NetCDP LLC, a leading vendor of online backup software applications, provides the industry#s easiest to use Online Backup and Network Backup software application for consumers and businesses. NetCDP's backup software completely eliminates the hassle of backup and delivers unmatched ease of use, security, performance and cost efficiency.

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