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EVault Adds Enterprise-Grade Backup and Recovery Appliances

Cliff Boodoosingh: Digital Content Manager on August 21, 2013
EVault Adds Enterprise-Grade Backup and Recovery Appliances

 Aug. 20, 2013- EVault, Inc., a Seagate company (NASDAQ:STX), today announced a new portfolio of EVault® backup appliances, expanding its enterprise–grade appliances to accommodate the backup and recovery needs of any organization – whether it be a small or medium sized business, a remote office of a large organization, or an enterprise with growing data stores.

Building on the success of the recently launched EVault 7 Appliances line, EVault today introduced four new appliances that offer scalable, affordable and failproof cloud-connected backup and recovery: Plug-n-Protect (PnP) 3800, PnP2400, PnP100t and Express Recovery Appliance (ERA) 50t. These new appliances come with EVault Replication software included, allowing companies to safeguard their data by replicating it to a separate location via a secure, bandwidth-optimized transfer.

“As our thousands of customers have discovered with EVault 7 Appliances, a failproof, scalable and simple to manage backup and recovery solution is within their reach,” said Daniel Bankert, EVault’s vice president of server backup and archiving products. “Today EVault is making its powerful, enterprise-grade appliances available to all customers with affordable pricing. Our new appliances are priced competitively, include the software, and are easier to manage than any other appliance on the market.”

EVault Appliances are powered by EVault Software, disk-based backup and recovery software built from the ground up for fast data protection backup and recovery times. Every backup is a delta backup – changes are tracked at the block level – so backup storage is kept small and network bandwidth usage is minimized. Every restore is a single-pass restore, and with the option to use the included bare metal recovery product, EVault System Restore, users can quickly recover a system after catastrophic failure.

Backup and Recovery Protection for Enterprises: PnP3800

At the top end of the Plug-n-Protect appliance spectrum is PnP3800, EVault’s new appliance solution built to deliver data protection at the enterprise level and accommodate customers’ ever-growing data stores. The PnP3800 is the first appliance in the EVault product line sized for the larger capacity data needs of big companies, and can hold up to 38TB of data in a single (3U) machine, which also includes an unlimited number of agents and application plug-ins.

Midmarket Solution: PnP2400

Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), the PnP2400 has 24TB of storage capacity for customers who need more backup storage capacity than smaller PnP appliances provide. The included unlimited agent and application plug-in licensing simplifies the process of onboarding new servers, eliminating the need to purchase new licenses each time a server is added.

Appliances for Smaller Businesses: ERA50t and PnP100t

Designed for smaller organizations, the ERA50t and PnP100t are the most affordable of the new appliance models. Both models include the same features as the larger ERA and PnP appliances including, multi-platform agent protection, single-pass restores, data compression and security. The ERA50t has 500GB of storage capacity, while the PnP100t has 1TB of storage capacity, allowing smaller companies to easily afford protection for their valuable data.

EVault Appliances boast connectivity to the EVault Cloud and consist of pre-configured server hardware, storage, OS and EVault software. The appliances are designed for cloud-connected, hybrid data protection and on-premise protection, giving customers fast and easy local access to their data with offsite protection in case of a disaster. EVault Appliances support agents on multiple operating systems and applications, and with the ability to easily add capacity and connectivity to the EVault Cloud, the solutions are scalable and flexible.

From small businesses to large enterprises, customers have the choice to deploy EVault PnP — an award-winning, all-in-one appliance with customizable cloud replication — or an EVault ERA, which adds a local cache to cloud backups to speed data recovery. With both appliances, customers enjoy world-class support from EVault, their single point of contact for software, hardware and storage.

Pricing and Availability

Appliance prices start at $2,000 and are available in North America and EMEA. For more information, please contact an EVault partner or

About EVault

More than 43,000 companies rely on EVault cloud-connected backup and recovery services. Delivered by a team of data recovery experts and using the very best cloud-connected technology, EVault backup solutions seamlessly integrate on-premise and online backup data protection for fast, local data access and ensured cloud disaster recovery. Optimized for distributed environments and backed by an ironclad cloud, EVault technology also powers the offerings of cloud services providers, data centers, telcos, ISVs, and many others. EVault is a Seagate company.

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