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Data Backup Plan Debut: The New Bitpalast Online Backup

Cliff Boodoosingh on November 29, 2010
Berlin, November 29, 2010. Fire, theft, vandalism. Often, victims lose everything, including the data forming the basis of their business. Backing up data on site to DVD or magnetic tape is risky. Therefore, many companies requiring secure backup use the Bitpalast Online Backup. Using that online backup solution, data are transferred imperceptibly and failure-free to a high-security data center, during ongoing operation.

“I don’t give away my data!” is a sentence often heard by Peter Debik (40), owner of the Bitpalast online backup service. In reality, online backup is so secure that no-one has ever managed to break the 128-bit key used to encrypt the data before it leaves the user’s office.

“This is how it works,” explains Debik: “At first the data is automatically compressed, so that our clients can use an average of two gigabytes of storage for each gigabyte they rent. Then the data is encrypted with a password only known to the user. Only then the online backup is transferred to our high-security data center. Not even Bitpalast can decrypt online backups, if the password is unknown. In addition, we use several security procedures, which guarantee practically perfect security for our clients’ online backup data.”

The data center used by Bitpalast possesses four certificates, among them BS 7799 and ISO/IEC 27001 - directives stipulating a strict security management. In addition, the access to the backup software and to the online storage is protected by another password. The 128-bit key used by the online backup system cannot be broken by trial and error. Experts have calculated that trying to compromise the online backup would take longer than the universe existed, using today’s processing technology.

The online backup can be rented at 1-gigabyte increments. The backup software is free. Bitpalast’s Online Backup is not only capable of saving data, but e-mails, messaging systems (MS Exchange Server, Lotus Notes, MS Outlook) and databases (MS SQL Server, MySQL) as well.


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