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Cougar Mountain Adds Cougar iVault Online Backup Service

OBR Editor, Cliff Boodoosingh on November 06, 2010
November 4, 2010 Boise, Idaho - Cougar Mountain Software (CMS) introduces a new service, Cougar iVault, an online data storage and backup solution.  This affordable online solution offers CMS users a high-quality solution for data security, storage, and disaster recovery. Additionally Cougar iVault is not limited to CMS customers, but is a great solution for anyone wishing to backup and store their business or personal data online and offsite, safely, securely and affordably.

Cougar iVault offers subscribers more than just a place to store and backup of their data.  It is also a full-service host provider. With Cougar iVault, subscribers can receive support from CMS’ customer support staff, to help them install and setup their company’s online backup, as well as address issues as they arise. Cougar iVault also offers 24/7 monitoring of all data to ensure that it is secure.

With Cougar iVault, users get their own unique login and password so only they are able to access their backed up files. The data is encrypted and stored in two Tier-4, SAS70 Type 2 certified, online data backup centers; located hundreds of miles apart from each other, which ensures the data is doubly safe.

With Cougar iVault users also get:

    * Convenience- All backups can be scheduled to run as often as users like, and they can schedule which time is most preferable for their backups to run.
    * Flexibility – Users have the ability to get back a single file or recover their entire system.
    * Adaptability - Backup files can be any size including multi-gigabyte files, and price accordingly.
    * Security - Files are encrypted using a unique 256-bit AES encryption key known only to the user.
    * Peace of mind – Users are automatically notified when a backup completes.

Cougar IVault helps keep data safe from viruses, computer failures/crashes, human error and other disasters. If such an occasion arises that backed up data is needed, Cougar iVault’s support will have that data at the user’s fingertips in hours instead of days with other online backups. With Cougar iVault, users get so much more than just an online backup solution. They get the peace of mind of the service and support that CMS prides themselves on.

About Cougar Mountain Software: Founded in 1982, Boise-based Cougar Mountain Software publishes accounting software, fund accounting software, and point of sale software and hardware.  Cougar Mountain has provided the software answer for more than 20,000 national clients across a variety of key industries. Cougar Mountain is ranked among the industry’s top PC software developers in the nation.

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