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CopyCloud keeps a secure backup of all your files, and makes them available for restore 24x7, anywhere in the world. Your data is protected with your choice of secure encryption (DES, TripleDES or 448Bit Blowfish). Not even CopyCloud employees can view your files.

CopyCloud uses a flexible scheduler, which quietly keeps your backup fresh at intervals that you decide. You will get a summary e-mail so you know it's working. All you have to do is sign-up for the CopyCloud service, download the CopyCloud client, and follow the simple installation instructions.

Backup more than one computer on one account
CopyCloud allows you to backup any number of computers to your account. By having multiple computers on the same account, you’ll save money by buying one storage plan for total usage. There’s a small fee for each additional client, and you can easily modify the number of computers on your account by logging-in to your CopyCloud account and changing your plan.

Great for large or small businesses
CopyCloud provides multiple computer management capability ideal for small and large businesses. Computers on each account can be given unique sub-user status. The account owner can add or delete sub-users and manage each sub-user's storage allocation.

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