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Colleges and Universities Increasingly Choosing ExaGrid to Achieve Better Backups

Cliff Boodoosingh, Digital Content Manager on May 08, 2013
ExaGrid's scalable, cost effective disk backup solution with deduplication makes the grade for higher education campuses

WESTBOROUGH, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 08, 2013--

ExaGrid Systems, Inc. ( the leader in scalable and cost-effective disk-based backup solutions with data deduplication, today announced that higher education institutions are increasingly choosing ExaGrid's disk-based backup appliances with deduplication to gain faster backups and restores and seamless scalability as data grows.

As a result of implementing ExaGrid, IT departments at a growing number of prestigious colleges and universities have reduced backup times by up to 90%, improved offsite disaster recovery capabilities, reduced or eliminated tape backup, and dramatically sped up their restores of files, objects, and virtual machines -- while also avoiding costly "forklift upgrades" associated with other approaches that do not scale easily.

Higher education institutions are choosing ExaGrid's disk backup with deduplication to meet their backup and recovery needs in large part because of ExaGrid's unique approach to disk backup, which combines compute with capacity as data grows in a "scale-out" architecture along with a landing zone for rapid restores. Other disk backup solutions that expand in a "scale-up" architecture by adding just disk capacity without adding compute resources result in downstream problems including ever-expanding backup windows and expensive forklift upgrades. These other solutions also only store deduplicated data, resulting in slow system restores and tape copies, and slow recoveries of files, VMs and objects that take hours versus minutes. ExaGrid is the only solution that permanently shortens backup windows without expensive forklift upgrades, and also enables the fastest full system restores and rapid restore of files, VMs and objects in as fast as minutes.

The higher education institutions that have turned to ExaGrid to solve their backup challenges include:

   -- Keene State College: The Keene State College IT department selected
      ExaGrid to meet its need for shorter backup windows and greater backup
      reliability. After implementing the ExaGrid system, the team was able to
      reduce the backup time for the college's main file server by 95%, from 20
      hours to just 45 minutes.
   -- Furman University: Furman University turned to ExaGrid's appliances to
      replace its aging tape library. ExaGrid offered the university a faster,
      more reliable backup solution that reduced the amount of time spent
      managing tape backups. Since implementing the ExaGrid disk backup with
      deduplication solution, Furman's IT team reported a dramatic reduction in
      backup data by 22:1 and a 75% reduction in nightly backup times -- from
      as much as six hours to about 90 minutes.
   -- Plymouth State University: The Plymouth State University IT department
      needed to move away from tape, and chose disk-based backup to make their
      data protection processes faster and more reliable. ExaGrid was an ideal
      choice as the appliance worked with the university's existing backup
      application and made switching from tape easy. Since installation, the
      university has cut its backup windows in half and achieved data
      deduplication ratios as high as 20:1 with 30 days of retention.
   -- Sarah Lawrence College: Sarah Lawrence College's IT team knew that it
      wanted to move away from tape, and even considered backing up to primary
      disk in a co-location facility. The team chose ExaGrid's disk backup with
      deduplication as a way to reduce backup data volumes and the high
      projected cost of disk space, power draw, and rack space in the
      co-location facility. Since backing up to ExaGrid, the IT department has
      seen the college's backup window reduced from between 24-36 hours per
      week to 10-12 hours.

Supporting Quotes:

   -- Marc Crespi, vice president of product management for ExaGrid Systems:
      "These education institutions experienced many of the same pain points
      that made ExaGrid's unique approach to disk backup with deduplication an
      attractive solution. Most of these customers were experiencing rapid data
      growth, backups running outside the available window, long restore times,
      and the management headaches of tape backup. Each of these campuses
      solved their backup challenges with ExaGrid's proven architecture built
      for backup and optimized for backup and restore performance and
      cost-effective scalability.
   -- Kevin Forrest, system administrator for Keene State College: "Decreasing
      our backup windows and the time the IT team spent on backups each night
      was a huge factor in why we chose to implement an ExaGrid appliance.
      Since installation, backup times have decreased significantly and we're
      all able to sleep better at night knowing our data will be completely
      backed up by the time we arrive to work each morning."

About ExaGrid Systems, Inc.:

ExaGrid offers the only disk-based backup appliance with data deduplication purpose-built for backup that leverages a unique architecture optimized for performance, scalability and price. ExaGrid is the only solution that combines compute with capacity and a unique landing zone to permanently shorten backup windows, eliminate expensive forklift upgrades, achieve the fastest full system restores and tape copies, and rapidly restore files, VMs and objects in minutes. With offices and distribution worldwide, ExaGrid has more than 5,500 systems installed at more than 1,655 customers, and more than 320 published customer success stories.

For more information, contact ExaGrid at 800-868-6985 or visit Visit "ExaGrid's Eye on Deduplication" blog:

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