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Carbonite Release 3.0 Simplest Online Backup Yet

Cliff Boodoosingh on August 29, 2007
New version sets standard for ease-of-use, speed, partner-friendly APIs

BOSTON, Aug. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Carbonite, Inc. (, today announced the third major release of its Online PC Backup service, Carbonite Release 3.0, as well as plans for the long-awaited Mac version.

Carbonite Release 3.0 signals the company's commitment to being the simplest backup service on the market. The new interface incorporates a new clean look and many refinements suggested by users. In addition, Release 3.0 makes it simple for Carbonite's marketing partners to customize the appearance of Carbonite's interface. A new suite of APIs allows marketing partners to provision and manage users' accounts through their existing systems. Release 3.0 makes internationalization simple: Carbonite Release 3.0 is being shipped in English, French, German, Japanese and Chinese, with other languages coming soon.

"There are several hundred million PCs in the world that are not being backed up regularly, and we're dedicated to being the best at solving this specific problem," said David Friend, Carbonite's CEO. "Release 3.0 is by far the simplest online backup on the market today, and our beta testers have been delighted with its clean, easy and intuitive qualities. We made it so that the average user simply enters their email address and a password, and Carbonite does the rest. All data is backed up by default and there is unlimited storage capacity so there's no need to pick and choose files. It's truly a product you won't be afraid to give to your most computer-illiterate friends and colleagues."

Carbonite, known for its simple install, now offers enhanced online help, new account management pages, and an enhanced file restore process that features a tab showing progress, a recovery log displaying pending and recently restored files, and the option to stop the restore process easily at any point. Release 3.0 also incorporates an adaptive bandwidth management system that can more than double backup speeds.

Carbonite offers new APIs for partners

Carbonite's new API suite makes it easy for Carbonite's resellers to integrate their existing billing, customer support and delivery platforms with Carbonite's back-end. Partners, such as Softbank in Japan, can provision and manage Carbonite accounts using their own systems. Carbonite's unique patent- pending integration with Windows allows users to have fine-grained control over their backup using the familiar Windows Explorer so there is no requirement to learn new software.

Release 3.0 is one of a series of major news announcements by Carbonite during the past three months, including completion of Series B funding in May, the launches of French and German versions, and the appointment of AsiaFlux as its distributor in Singapore.

Mac version of Carbonite coming this fall

There is also good news for Mac users on the horizon, according to Friend, who said a Macintosh beta version is slated for October. "We get dozens of emails from Mac users every week, begging, pleading and cajoling us for a Mac version of Carbonite," Friend explained. "And we are happy to provide them with their own version soon."

About Carbonite

Since 2005, Carbonite has backed up more than one billion files and restored over 100 million files for clients. Carbonite has a large data center where capacity is now measured in petabytes. There are Carbonite users in 91 countries.

Carbonite's philosophy is to make backup as simple and automatic as possible. Hard drive failures affect up to 13 percent of all PC users each year, according to a recent Carnegie-Mellon University report. Add to that risk the rampant loss and theft of laptops, accidental destruction, and inadvertent data erasures and you have a problem that affects 2/3 of all computer users.

Carbonite's industry-first offer of unlimited backup space for a flat price ($49.95 per year) revolutionized the market for consumer and small business backup services. Carbonite defied the conventional industry practice of giving away free-forever limited-space trial accounts and instead adopted a limited-time unlimited-capacity trial. The cost of free-forever limited-space accounts must eventually be borne by paying customers, and Carbonite is committed to providing the best price and value for paying subscribers. Also, the company eschews the complexity of multi-function products that offer photo-sharing, remote access, archiving, etc., believing that such features are widely available in many other online products (most of which are free) and create unacceptable security risks for users.

Carbonite is available online at and through leading retail stores and resellers such as Staples and CompUSA. Carbonite subscriptions are also included in other software products, such as Microsoft Money.

Carbonite was founded in 2005 by serial-entrepreneurs David Friend and Jeff Flowers. The company has raised approximately $22 million in venture capital.

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