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Company Overview
Carbonite’s mission is to provide an inexpensive, reliable and a truly easy-to-use solution for the mainstream PC user. Carbonite is Backup Made SimpleTM ideal for casual home PC users, students, home office users, road warriors, etc.

Carbonite is simple to setup and use. It requires little or no ongoing user involvement, and their service is always on – continuously protecting data on a PC, at all times.

Carbonite Online Backup
For less than five dollars a month, Carbonite will backup all the data on your PC (digital photos, music, office documents, and other valuable data) whenever your PC is connected to the Internet.

Their online backup software is always searching for new data on your PC. When files are added or modified, Carbonite swings into action and backs up your data. And it will never slow down your PC or Internet connection.

David Friend, CEO & President:
“If your hard drive crashes and takes all your precious photos with it, you can get them back from Carbonite with one click. With unlimited capacity for less than 10 cents a day, it’s by far the most economical way to back up your digital pictures.” (

Company Highlight: CNET gives Carbonite 4 stars, calling it “a worthy investment of time and money.”

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