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Trevelyan House
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Welwyn Garden City
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England, UK
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  • Founded in 1999 |
Bytehouse prides itself on using the latest and most powerful technology. The service provider is constantly developing new ways to ensure that platforms are optimised to provide its savvy clients the best Web solutions available.

Advantages of remote online backup solutions from ByteHouse over traditional tape based backup systems include:

    * Ultra secure data centre for your stored online backups
    * Backs up all types of files
    * Can be used on PCs Laptops and servers alike
    * High levels of compression for backup data
    * Encryption levels to ensure the security of the data when it is sent to the backup server
    * Incremental or differential backups result in only changed data being backed up
    * In-file delta technology for large database or email mailbox files
    * Less user management required
    * Automate backups to run as often as desired with the backup scheduler
    * Special attention to MS Exchange, MSSQL, Lotus Notes, Oracle 8, Locked and in use files
    * Restore data easily 24 hours a day
    * Accessed from anywhere in the world.