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BuddyBackup Awards iPad Monthly to New Online Backup Subscriber

Cliff Boodoosingh on May 12, 2010
LONDON, UK -- 05/11/10 -- BuddyBackup is a great new free online backup software which allows you to backup data completely for free. BuddyBackup have worked for the past three years to build a simple free backup software that is perfectly straightforward whilst remaining an ingenious concept to say the least. BuddyBackup basically allows you to backup all of your files to your friend's computers automatically over the internet in a highly secure manner, allowing you to have all the benefits of online backup without paying a penny. 'Buddies' give each other space on their hard drives to allow a reciprocal backup, files are encrypted and delta-blocked (so only the small changes are sent) and then transmitted to other Buddies computers over the internet for safe keeping.

BuddyBackup allows you to choose and store multiple copies of your files across multiple 'Buddies' computers, so even if one of your 'Buddies' is away on holiday you can still retrieve files back from another one of your 'Buddies' and the files are encrypted so your 'Buddies' can't see your private files.

It also allows you to automatically backup to a USB drives that you can store somewhere safe to ensure that you always have a copy of your files, photos and documents. Not only is it great for home users, but also for companies who have laptops or home users who can backup for free to a computer in the office.

The concept of online backup has been around for a while now, but with a number of consumer backup companies going out of business and users consequently losing files, we think this method of backing up family photos, documents and favourite soundtracks, will find a popular following, especially among the many thousands of people who find traditional backup methods prohibitive in price.

Every month BuddyBackup are giving away a stylish Apple iPad to one lucky subscriber. People can download BuddyBackup for free at for a chance to win.

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