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BlueBackUp Offers New & Affordable Online Backup for SMEs

Cliff Boodoosingh on October 15, 2009
BRUSSELS, October 13 /PRNewswire/ -- BlueBackUp, a subsidiary of Oodrive Technologies, has introduced a new off-site backup service that is ideal for SMEs in these tough times. Called 'SOHO Edition', this backup solution is available at a very competitive price, while also offering an intuitive interface and excellent service: a genuine first for the online backup market!

In these turbulent financial times, SMEs need to spend as much time as they can focusing on what really matters: boosting their turnover and reducing their overheads. As a result, some important areas of their business may sometimes get neglected, such as backing up their data properly.

Despite the obvious downside to this, most small companies and businesses tend to have only the most cursory of backup procedures in place (e.g. to external hard disks, magnetic tapes, etc.). Worse still, these haphazard backup practices are not always carried out properly, either, which creates a major potential risk. And all too often, the busy people running these companies are not even aware of the possible adverse effects - not to mention disastrous consequences - of losing vital data about their business. Examples include:

    - Losing their businesses accounting records and details of their
    - Losing their Exchange messaging server and all e-mails sent out
    - Losing access to their customer database, CRM system, ERP, etc.

90% of the time, losing this critical data has the straightforward knock-on effect of sending the business bankrupt. In cases where there is some form of data recovery possible on magnetic tape, the business can eventually be restarted, but only after a considerable period of time has elapsed. Time, of course, is money - which means before it can be up and running again effectively, the company will probably have suffered such significant loss of earnings that insolvency is likely to be the only outcome. And in the current business climate, the banks are unfortunately not being very generous when it comes to lending new funds or tolerating late payments!

BlueBackUp is extending its range with an intuitive and affordable backup solution for SMEs

BlueBackUp, which previously focused mainly on large organisations, is now launching an easily affordable Small Office Home Office (SOHO) solution aimed at SMEs. This new solution has been created as a result of the synergies generated by BlueBackUp with its parent company. The software used was developed by Oodrive Technologies and has already been adopted by over 8,000 companies in Europe.

In response to the needs expressed by small business owners and managers, SOHO is designed to provide an easy-to-use tool, combined with service in which the client is literally "led by the hand" - all at a genuinely competitive price! "We recently surveyed our SME customers and asked them what they expected from their backup solution," says Philip Wittmann, co-founder of BlueBackUp. "They mentioned security, of course, but also ease of use and assistance should the need arise. That's why service has always been a central element of what we have to offer."

The Exchange messaging server: an essential application for SMEs

Another need mentioned by SMEs was the protection of their Exchange messaging server. Most companies would find it impossible to operate without Exchange, yet it is not supported by all backup providers at the present time. "In most cases, SMEs have a file server and an Exchange messaging server - nothing more," continues Mr Wittmann. "They don't use specific databases, virtualised servers or other complex applications. Which means that they don't have a real need for something as sophisticated as our Evault technology. That would be a bit like buying a Porsche when a Golf would do the job just as well... But now, thanks to the way our technologies complement one another, our SOHO solution offers SMEs a 100% secure backup solution for their critical data (files + Exchange) that also fits in with their budget."

Highly encouraging pre-launch phase

"Despite the current economic climate, we have never experienced such a favourable reception from companies during the pre-launch phase of a product. Nor have we ever seen such a busy summer holiday period in terms of contracts signed since we launched our SOHO solution!" concludes Mr Wittmann.

By boosting its presence with SMEs, BlueBackUp has also become the first provider of online backup services to work with companies and organisations of all sizes. BlueBackUp solutions now meet the requirements of companies with over 500 staff, as well as SMEs employing fewer than 5 people.

About BlueBackUp

BlueBackUp is a subsidiary of Oodrive Technologies. Over time, it has become the leading specialist in protecting critical data via the Internet. BlueBackUp provides its customers with a full suite of online backup and Disaster Recovery solutions that draw on different technologies to meet the needs of major corporations and SMEs alike.

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