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Benenden Selects Databarracks for Online Backup Service

Cliff Boodoosingh on November 17, 2009
16. November 2009- Benenden Hospital was founded in 1907 and became the centre for hospital treatment for members of Trade Unions and Friendly Societies and subsequently large numbers of public sector employees who joined what is now the Benenden Healthcare Society. The Society has over 900,000 member and nominee subscribers.

Today, the Hospital, as well as being available to the Society's membership, is a provider of services to both privately insured patients and the National Health Services. It is an approved primary provider under the NHS Patient Choice Scheme and provides diagnostic services directly to general practitioners. It is also accredited by many of the major health insurance organisations.

Like any major Healthcare Establishment, the security and safety of their data is of paramount importance and it is essential that medical records are kept secure and to NHS standards. Benenden Hospital has a reliance on their IT systems, including Email, Databases and File data. Each night Benenden Hospital would perform a backup using a disk to tape system which was causing problems and increased management time for the IT team. Martin Norris, Benenden Hospital's IT manager said "Our backups were simply not reliable enough for us and we had to be comfortable knowing that the Hospital's data was 100% safe. Unreliable backups were causing us headaches and we as a team were spending far too much time trouble shooting issues with our existing solution."

Benenden chose Databarracks after a visit to Databarracks' data centre and a successful proof of concept. "We had a tour of Databarracks' facilities and were left impressed, at just how serious Databarracks was about security. Once we had visited and risk assessed their facility we had a trial of their online backup service and after dealing with their engineers were left with no doubt they were the right choice for us to work with."

James Watts from Databarracks was happy to announce the deal. "Databarracks has worked with a number of medical and health care facilities in the past and to add Benenden Hospital, one of the countries leading establishments is fantastic. We worked with them for a number of weeks to ensure that we met all of their criteria and could deliver the level of security and service they required and I am happy to say that we ticked all of their boxes. We are seeing more and more backup companies immerging in the market place and to know that we are still the default choice for security and service is something that makes us all proud."

Source: Benenden Hospital

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