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Story by Cliff Boodoosingh on 7/9/2007 1:57:06 PM
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Online Backup from BellSouth is an affordable solution that provides consistent, automated data protection for any PC. When the service is installed and you’ve selected the data to back up, your files are immediately ready to be protected each day at a secure off-site location.

BellSouth – a division of AT&T Inc. – uses government standard 128-bit AES encryption, ensuring that your data is safely transmitted. The off-site storage facility where your data is housed is equipped with extensive physical security, uninterruptible power sources, state-of-the-art fire suppression and air conditioning systems, and network management and monitoring.

On December 29, 2006, AT&T Inc. completed the acquisition of BellSouth Corporation, creating a premier global communications company.

Complete Data Protection
For as little as $19.95/month, BellSouth Online Backup is available with the first 30 days free. The solution is a fully-managed online backup and recovery service that meets the data protection, business continuity, and financial requirements of SMBs. Valuable data is centrally managed, securely protected, and easily recoverable online, whenever and wherever it’s needed.

PC Backup and Recovery for Business
BellSouth understands the high start-up costs involved with purchasing hardware and
software for businesses. BellSouth offers Online Backup that’s maintenance-free and subscription-based, which helps companies meet comprehensive data protection needs, at a price businesses can afford.

Duane Ackerman, Chairman Emeritus of BellSouth:

"Those around us know we're committed [to customer service], because we live it. If you're consistent over time, it will permeate [the company]" (USA Today, March 14, 2004).

Company Highlights: AT&T and BellSouth join, creating a premier global communications company – Read press release

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