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Cliff Boodoosingh, Editor on October 28, 2011
OCT. 28 -, a European based computer service, is proud to introduce a free online backup system that is easy to use. They claim that the era of free online backup is here.

BeeCloud started 3 months ago with a clear mission: providing computer users with a simple, high-quality backup solution. Too many users ignore backups; they either do not take the time, do not have good backup software or they just don’t care. On top of that, most people have tons of files: family photos, movies and mp3 music, USB drives and/or NAS devices just sitting on their computers.

The main reasons of data loss are: hardware and system problems, human errors, software issues, computer viruses and natural disasters. To cope with all of them and minimize the risk of losing data (and money) a backup system needs to have following features:
• It needs be able to handle large amounts of data.
• It needs to be secure.
• It needs to store data in more than 1 place (offline storage).
• It needs to handle multiple versions of a file (to cope with accidental deletion or altering the file).

A lot of users use external hard disks to store their backups and data, unaware that this is not an optimal solution. The commodity hard disk is not always the most reliable solution, nor is it a good idea to keep all files in one place. Fire, theft, power surges or just accidental deletion or files are just some of the things that can destroy systems and data.

An online solution is better. But what about security, price and speed? That’s were BeeCloud’s solution comes in.

After searching and comparing several solutions for this problem, BeeCloud selected LiveDrive as their platform. LiveDrive, a UK company has been in the storage business for more than 3 years and have developed a solution that is easy to use, stable, fast and runs on multiple platforms.

So what is it that makes this solution so interesting?
The BeeCloud system is easy to use. No real knowledge about backup or cloud things are needed. Just install the client application, select what files to backup and let the system do the rest. It can be used on more than one computer, so users can safeguard all the data their family uses. Once the data is stored online, it can be easily retrieved. Users can browse through files and even view them online or on mobile devices like iPads, iPhones or Android devices.

The BeeCloud system is secure and the stored files are encrypted and stored in multiple datacenters. There is also a growing support base to help out any users.

After a period of intensive testing, BeeCloud is proud to announce that they are now offering the 512 GB Backup option for free to anyone who wants to use it. This offering is not a limited period trial, but the full featured backup solution.

Bart Roelant, owner and company spokesman, explains the features: “This backup solution allows you to safeguard up to 512 GB of data online, enabling you to store all your pictures and music in the ‘cloud.’

The free backup solution can be extended with the Briefcase which allows you to sync your files on multiple computers, share your files and use the FTP protocol to upload or download files. The Briefcase option (512Gb) can be purchased for $60 per year.

Another option is the NAS storage backup, which allows users to backup any network attached storage devices, this option includes unlimited backup capacity and costs for 1 NAS device only $90 a year.”

He further explained that the focus of BeeCloud is in providing support and solutions around the LiveDrive system, helping as many users as possible with tutorials, hints and tricks and an online forum.

About BeeCloud

BeeCloud ( is a small start-up initiative, operating from Belgium, specialized in backup and data storage. Their mission is to help as many computer users as possible with a high-quality, solid backup solution. There motto: “Never Lose a file again.”

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