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Backup Provider CoreVault Receives Endorsement from South Carolina Bar

Cliff Boodoosingh on March 25, 2008
 South Carolina Law Firms Look to CoreVault for Premiere Data Protection

March 25, 2008-OKLAHOMA CITY--(BUSINESS WIRE)--CoreVault™ announced today that it has received an exclusive endorsement from the South Carolina Bar, which represents over 12,000 attorneys and law firms throughout the state. “We are excited about this collaboration because the SC Bar understands the importance of data protection for their members,” says Jeff Cato, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for CoreVault.

“It has become increasingly important for lawyers to protect their clients' information and the integrity of their files. CoreVault's unique backup and recovery service offers the convenience of storing client data on a daily and automated basis. The Bar is pleased to offer this valuable service to our members.” Charmy Medlin, Membership Services Director, SC Bar

Many law firms, especially smaller ones, find it challenging to backup and store their data offsite on a daily basis. In addition, their data isn’t encrypted for increased security, so if a tape or external drive was lost, there is a risk someone could gain unauthorized access to that information. While all Lawyers understand the importance of protecting their legal files, many lack the resources, technical expertise and time to safeguard critical data. Despite this understanding, many firms still back up their data on tape or disk. For these reasons, data backup and recovery has become critical to the success of law firms.

“CoreVault’s services will be particularly valuable to our solo and small firm members with little or no IT staff. This system will give attorneys piece of mind that their files are protected, allowing them to keep their focus on providing quality legal services to clients.” Courtney Kennaday, Practice Management Advisor, SC Bar

“CoreVault™ assures SC Bar members that their important data will be backed up in a secure, reliable and cost-effective manner. In addition, CoreVault’s online services allow individual attorneys to back up their laptop data, which is a major area of vulnerability for many practicing lawyers today. CoreVault offers tiered storage platforms designed to help larger law firms manage their data and costs effectively on a long term basis. CoreVault’s sales engineering staff assists SC Bar members in better understanding their data sizes and provides customized proposals. Our customer service department is available for support after you sign on as a customer, because at CoreVault, we pride ourselves on servicing the product we sell,” said Cato.

South Carolina Bar members can learn more about the SC Bar-CoreVault™ backup plan by visiting the CoreVault™ website at

About CoreVault

CoreVault™ provides data backup and recovery services that are automated and centrally managed to help businesses protect their data. Our solution helps companies with offsite protection, fast restores, regulatory compliance, increased security and world class customer service. In addition, CoreVault's two private data centers are geographically separated and possess redundant systems. For additional information, go to

About South Carolina Bar

The South Carolina Bar, which has a membership of more than 12,000 lawyers, is dedicated to advancing justice, professionalism and understanding of the law. For additional information go to

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