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BackMii Launches Global Online Backup Service

Cliff Boodoosingh on December 18, 2009
(PRWEB) December 16, 2009 -- BackMii has launched a safer online backup service with optional archiving aimed at capturing the small business and home user computer market globally.

BackMii online backup was created with important differentiators to make it a smart choice for small business and consumers.

BackMii CTO and Co-founder, Hugh Emberson states that, "People backup to keep their data safe. So it is essential that the method of storing their backup is safe.

BackMii's online backup is over 100 times safer than most other providers who store only a single copy of a user's data, or who typically store a copy on a single RAID array. BackMii stores a user's data in triplicate, on three servers, in two geographically remote locations. The user only pays for one copy.

With the recent reported loss of customers' data by a well known online backup provider, BackMii's launch of this safer service is timely."

CEO and Co-founder Vanessa Wilson adds, "BackMii's other big advantage over most providers is that we also offer online archiving. So with the click of a button, you can keep automatic daily versions of your digital backup forever, or as long as you choose. Even if you have deleted a file off your computer months or years ago, you can get it back from your BackMii archive easily, via the Internet.

Archiving is ideal for any business required or wishing to keep records, and it's essential for home users who want to keep their family photos and spreadsheets safe forever. It greatly increases the attractiveness of online backup to users and offers an affordable, safe and automated alternative to manual paper archiving.

BackMii's business edition BackMii Pro, enables an account holder to backup and give trusted employees access to specified computers' backups via sub-accounts. The account holder, usually the business owner, can therefore ensure that all of the data on their employees' computers is backed up and archived.

Now all businesses and professional services practices can safeguard themselves against future legal claims and meet compliance requirements by safely, automatically, backing up and archiving all digital data of their employees, including emails and contracts. Even if the data is on their employee's laptop. Even if an employee leaves the business, their data will still be accessible online in the business' archive.

BackMii's aim is to bring safe and simple online backup and archiving to businesses and consumers globally. BackMii is affordably priced. Our per-GB pricing is cheap, we include unlimited computers under one plan, and we include 60 days of backup history for free. BackMii Archiving is also reasonably priced and is billed only on the difference between your last backup and the archived version.

By creating an affordable, simple, online backup service with optional archiving, and by making online backup safe to rely upon, we believe that we are offering a product that consumers and businesses need and will love."

Visit for more information, or to back up your computer.


BackMii is a private company founded by entrepreneurs with start-up, and software security, robustness and scalability expertise. BackMii's aim is to provide safer, simple, affordable online backup and archiving protection to small businesses and consumers globally.

BackMii's online backup is designed to be simple to install and use, so that anyone can use it. It automatically backs up a user's digital information, including photos, emails, spreadsheets and financial documents, and protects it from data loss in the event of computer crash, deletion, natural disaster or theft. All files are encrypted first on the user's machine, and when stored on BackMii's remote servers. Users can retrieve their files quickly from any computer, via the Internet.

BackMii offers three services: BackMii Home for consumers, BackMii Pro for small to medium businesses, and BackMii Archiving for home or business users who wish to keep their backed up data forever, or a shorter specified time.

BackMii offers strong reseller and affliate programs.

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