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Backblaze Announces First Unlimited Online Backup for Business

Cliff Boodoosingh on November 03, 2009
(PRWEB) November 3, 2009 -- Backblaze makes available today the only online backup service that offers unlimited storage for businesses at an affordable and predictable price – just $50 per computer per year. Start backing up all laptops and desktops at

According to IDC, 60% of all corporate data resides on employee computers. However, few organizations successfully backup these laptops and desktops because of the challenges involved. Historically, companies have tried to backup data on employee computers by asking employees to save important files to a shared drive, providing employees with external hard drives, and even installing software to backup to local servers. However, these solutions require a change in behavior, remembering to take action, and access to the internal network – resulting in incomplete and irregular backups that result in lost files when a restore is needed.

Online backup is the best method to ensure laptops and desktops are backed up because it is:

•    Completely Automatic – employees and IT do not need to change workflow or remember to take any action.

•    Offsite – backups are safe in a remote location so data is safe in case of theft, fire, and water damage.

•    Location Independent - backups occur automatically as long as the computer has an Internet connection.

While online backup is an ideal solution for laptop and desktop backup, companies have struggled with the storage limits, expense, and cost unpredictability of solutions that charge on a per-gigabyte basis. Depending on how much data employees have on their computers it may cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year to backup a single computer.

Backblaze enables businesses to easily backup laptops and desktops by providing a service that is:

•    Automatic – all data is automatically backed up; setup requires simply entering an email and password.

•    Secure - All data is encrypted on the computer, sent over an encrypted connection, and stored encrypted.

•    Continuous - backups occur as files change to ensure no data is lost.

•    Unlimited – no need to worry about overages or managing data storage.

•    Affordable – pricing is just $50 per computer per year regardless of storage.

“Backblaze makes it easy to get our employees' computers backed up,” says Jay Sathe, IT Manager of the forward-thinking electric vehicle services company, Better Place. “All the data is backed up and an unlimited data plan means our costs are consistent and transparent.”

Backblaze is available for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Intel-based Macintosh laptops and desktops.

About Backblaze

Founded by a team of serial entrepreneurs with security, scalability, usability backgrounds, and located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Backblaze's mission is to ensure that all computer data is backed up. Backblaze was selected as a winner of the AlwaysOn Global Top 250 private companies for game-changing technology and market value. Visit for more information or to backup your own computer.


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