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AT&T Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Services Named Best Product Line By Frost & Sullivan

Cliff Boodoosingh on March 27, 2007

Posted on : 2007-03-27 | Author : AT&T Inc.
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BEDMINSTER, N.J., March 27 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- AT&T Inc. announced today that the global growth consulting company Frost

In naming AT&T as this year's award recipient, Frost & Sullivan recognized AT&T's ability to help customers find ways to better protect their most valuable asset -- information -- from threats both natural and man-made.

"To meet our customer needs, AT&T has designed and continues to invest in a suite of business continuity services to help maintain a state of business readiness, where critical processes, work centers, systems and networks are always available to support our customers," said Jerry Shammas, Executive Director, AT&T Business Continuity Services. "This recognition reinforces AT&T's position in the market and further validates that our investments and strategy are paying off."

The award is presented each year to the company that demonstrates the most insight into customer needs and product demands in the area of business continuity and disaster recovery. Frost & Sullivan cited AT&T for having aligned its business continuity products with customer demands, and it acknowledged AT&T's successes with the introduction of new products, ability to accommodate different market segments and enhancements to its packaging, service, delivery and financing of its product line. The company also took into consideration AT&T's value-added services, strategic technology and marketing acquisitions, as well as alliances that would benefit customers.

"AT&T offers one of the most robust business continuity and disaster recovery portfolios to enterprise customers," said Frost & Sullivan analyst Imran Khan. "The company's geographic presence is expected to bring the benefits of its strong business continuity and disaster recovery product portfolio to enterprises of all sizes across the national and international markets."

AT&T offers a comprehensive suite of business continuity services that enables companies to make informed decisions about selecting the right data recovery programs, strategies and investments for their operations. Whether it's a multinational corporation, a highly regulated enterprise, a midsized or small business, AT&T analyzes, designs and implements a program that helps ensure operational readiness and the recovery capabilities that are necessary to keep businesses up and running.

AT&T's Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery portfolio includes: -- Business Continuity Professional Services - A wide range of business continuity and disaster recovery assessment, planning, design and implementation services. -- Enterprise Recovery Services - Capabilities such as provision of alternative workspace for more than 20,000 end-user positions worldwide, 50 mobile facilities that are located strategically across its markets, support for various enterprise hardware and applications, and continuing access to voice and data communications. -- AT&T Ultravailable(R) Storage Service - A highly redundant, fully managed enterprise service backed by a 99.99 percent availability service level agreement (SLA) that supports a variety of storage infrastructure platforms. With leading primary data-storage and data- mirroring capabilities coupled with proactive management and monitoring, this solution offers one of the highest levels of service availability. -- AT&T Storage Plus Service - A fully managed, end-to-end, dedicated midrange storage-area network solution backed by a 99.99 percent availability SLA for various enterprise segments. -- AT&T Tape Backup and Restore Service - A portfolio of management backup processes for individual files, file systems and database applications. Customers are offered options for offline or online backup and archiving. A disk-based backup option is also available. -- AT&T Remote Vault(SM) - A fully managed remote backup and restore service that addresses enterprises' data protection and business continuity needs by allowing them to use their broadband connection to back up data from servers, PCs or laptops to a secure off-site storage facility. -- AT&T StorageConnect(SM) - A fully managed, multilocation storage transport service that supports virtually any bandwidth and storage protocol and enables clients to extend their storage-area networks, mainframe channel connectivity and data replication solutions over any distance.

Frost & Sullivan also referenced these AT&T Security Services as additional measures to bolster business continuity strategies:

-- AT&T Firewall Security Service - A service that integrates with AT&T's IP VPN and Internet access services and offers the customers the flexibility to configure a security solution that best meets their needs. AT&T offers an array of firewall solutions including network- based firewalls, premises-based firewalls and endpoint security, designed for maximum performance and business continuity. -- AT&T Internet Protect(R) - A security-alerting and notification service designed to protect enterprise networks from threat of viruses, worms, and other cyberattacks. AT&T DDoS Defense, an option of AT&T Internet Protect, provides DDoS identification and mitigation within AT&T's backbone, providing increased protection from malicious traffic before it reaches the customer network. -- AT&T Managed Intrusion Detection and Prevention - A service that protects against unauthorized access to enterprise customers' networks by detecting known threats from hackers, viruses and worms. It neutralizes various Internet-based network security threats on servers, laptops, desktops, network-based printers, VoIP systems, PDAs, cash registers and IP-based cameras. -- AT&T Secure E-Mail Gateway - A network-based service that provides extensive spam-filtering, virus-blocking, content management, e-mail policy enforcement, message-archiving, and disaster recovery for both inbound and outbound messages. AT&T Secure E-Mail Gateway service is delivered and supported through a global network of redundant data centers.

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