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Athena Backup Brings Online Home Backup to Families Everywhere

Cliff Boodoosingh on March 05, 2008
The newly launched Athena Backup online home backup service protects all of the personal files on up to five computers in a household for only $4.95/month.

Ottawa, ON (PRWEB) March 5, 2008 -- A new online backup service, Athena Backup (, now allows people with one or more computers in the their home to enjoy the security and convenience of the highest grade of data protection, secure off-site backup for only $4.95/month.

Athena Backup uses online backup technology to automatically copy users' personal files, such as photographs, documents, and email, to secure Amazon data centers - without requiring any user activity whatsoever once Athena is set up. Immediately after setup, Athena Backup will scan the disk and upload all files in the folders specified to the secure Athena Backup servers. After this, whenever a file is added or changed, the file is encrypted and copied up to the secure data servers.

"We spent a lot time working with typical families to understand what were the problems with protecting their data," said company president Andrew McGregor. "People told us that they worried about losing their files, especially their irreplaceable photographs, but that spending an evening every week doing backups was a non-starter. Also, a lot of people have multiple computers and doing backups of all of these computers was completely impractical. Everyone has better things to do than backup up their files to CDs or DVDs."

Athena Backup improves on many of the first generation online backup services by allowing users to backup all of the computers in a household whether they are Windows-based, Macintosh or a mix of both for the same price that many competitors charge to back up a single computer.

Unlike CD-R/DVD-R disk which can be unreadable after as little as 2 years**, and unlike USB hard drives which are typically also lost when a computer is stolen or lost due to fire or flood, secure off-site backup is the gold standard for file backup. Companies routinely protect their most important data this way and now it's finally practical for individual users to back the data on their desktop computers and laptops conveniently and cost-effectively.

A family today will often have more than one computer - his, hers, one or more for the kids. Athena Backup recognizes this and allows several computers to back up data with one account at no extra charge. There's even a handy search function to let you easily find files on other computers even when those computers are turned off, by retrieving those files from the Athena Backup servers, which are always available.

To ensure that your files stay private, Athena Backup encrypts all data right on the computer before it is transmitted to our servers using the same algorithms approved for handling classified information. Users can choose between using their account password to encrypt their data, in which case Athena Backup support staff can help them recover their password, or a separate encryption password in which case no one but the user can ever access the files.

Each Athena Backup customer account can protect up to 50 GB (50,000 MB) of any kind of file. This is enough storage for 20,000 typical photos or 15,000 MP3 songs, which is ample space for typical household requirements. Unlike other services which describe themselves as unlimited but actually impose some hidden limits, Athena Backup guarantees that this storage is available to customers without throttling or other restrictions.

"Only one week after launch and we're already protecting over 400,000 files." stated company CTO Doug Patriarche. "We're delighted at the positive feedback from our users. It's really gratifying to be able to allow people to recover 10 years of photographs that would have been lost forever without Athena Backup. Last summer we read about Francis Ford Copolla losing a entire script for a movie because both his laptop and his backup disk were stolen***. That's exactly what Athena Backup was designed to prevent."

To learn more about Athena Backup or to sign up for a free 14 day trial of Athena Backup visit

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