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Asigra Introduces 64-Bit Native Televaulting to Bring an Exponential Increase in Remote Office Backup Performance

Cliff Boodoosingh on April 17, 2007
April 17, 2007
Remote Office/Branch Office Multi-Threaded Backup Software Processes Several Orders of Magnitude More Data and Allows Larger Data Block Reduction for Near Real-Time Distributed Data Protection

TORONTO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Asigra™, the technology leader in agentless backup and recovery software for enterprises and service providers targeting the growing managed storage services market, today announced a new edition of the company’s flagship product with 64-bit Televaulting™. Asigra’s next-generation backup and recovery software supports orders of magnitude increases in overall performance with new capabilities, including enterprise-wide data reduction and block-level incremental processing of significantly larger files to support highly optimized remote office/branch office backup.

Organizations are becoming increasingly distributed and processing a logarithmically greater amount of data at remote sites as new applications increase the data load on corporate networks, slowing down enterprise-wide backup and recovery efforts. Even so, this rapidly growing information pool needs to be protected with fast and reliable offsite backup using new technology that focuses on this challenge to meet compliance requirements and more robust business continuity. Asigra’s 64-bit edition of Televaulting takes full advantage of environments utilizing 64-bit CPUs to deliver the highest performance available for consolidated, multi-site enterprise data protection, allowing higher levels of data reduction and processing of network data. Available in supercomputing environments for years, 64-bit computing is capable of managing exponentially more data than 32-bit systems. Asigra supports single or multi-core x64 processors for maximum performance and scalability. Computer systems that feature either Intel or AMD 64-bit chip architectures include HP Integrity servers and run either Windows or Linux operating systems.

Asigra Televaulting is agentless, multi-site backup/recovery software that combines utility service provisioning with a disk-based WAN-optimized architecture to overcome the limitations of traditional distributed-backup software. Televaulting’s simple, reliable and affordable multi-site backup and recovery consolidates ROBO backups to a central datacenter. With Asigra’s automated backup, IT management is not required as the entire process is administered centrally. With support for 64-bit environments, organizations using Televaulting will reduce network traffic loads, thereby reducing time and hardware requirements for enterprise-wide backup. This disk-based backup solution provides more affordable, scalable, reliable, secure and manageable backup than is available with conventional backup products.

Specific benefits of using Asigra on 64-bit CPUs:

-- Performance increase:
-- Full use of 64-bit instructions and processing, allowing a full
use of 64-bit CPU processing power
-- The ability to utilize more than 64GB of RAM to speed up data
-- Scalability:
-- The ability of a single DS-System vault central site to support
tens of thousands of concurrent backup / restore activities
-- The ability of a single DS-Client to perform hundreds of
activities in parallel
-- The ability to process block-level incremental backups and
de-duplication for larger files, up to 4TB in size
-- Additional backup/restore support
-- Backup/Restore of 64-bit Windows systems, including BMR
-- Backup/Restore of Exchange 2007 (which is 64-bit only)

“The continuing deluge in information growth demands a next-generation backup and recovery platform that can scale up as demands require. Asigra’s support for 64-bit environments is a testament to our dedication in providing solutions that easily handle the most rigorous backup loads,” said Eran Farajun, executive vice president of Asigra. “Whether used directly by enterprises or used by online backup service providers as their backup delivery platform, Televaulting’s 64-bit edition is built to provide customers with longer term growth options.”

“Our research has shown that organizations with multiple servers at offsite locations rank reduction of IT operational and capital expenditures at remote sites as urgent initiatives,” said Lauren Whitehouse, Analyst for Enterprise Strategy Group. “Because 64-bit servers can support larger numbers of users and applications, businesses can consolidate their server activities, which translates into less management overhead, one of the highest costs in any computing environment. Asigra’s ability to capitalize on this advancement means reduced operational expense in addition to elevated performance.”

Pricing and Availability

Asigra 64-bit Televaulting will be available in the third quarter of 2007 and priced starting at $11,250 USD for new users. Current Asigra customers receive product upgrades without charge.

About Asigra

Asigra is the award-winning leader in remote office/branch office (ROBO) online backup and recovery for managed backup service providers and enterprises. The company's flagship product, Televaulting, is used by global enterprises in the financial, insurance, legal, government, healthcare and retail industries with more than four petabytes of data protected. Asigra technology is used by hundreds of service providers worldwide who offer backup managed services to companies ranging from SMBs to Global 2000 enterprises. The agentless remote site backup and recovery solution provides simple, centralized management of the data protection process while eliminating the capital and operational expenses associated with agent-based solutions. Founded in 1986, Asigra is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with partner offices around the world. For more information, visit

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