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AmeriVault Online Data Backup & Recovery Services

Cliff Boodoosingh on March 29, 2007

AmeriVault manages your enterprise backup and recovery process as a fully automated service. You save time and money. No worries about servers, software, offsite storage, security, or manpower. AmeriVault provides it all, including:

* Automatic backup and offsite storage
If someone is on vacation, your data will still get backed-up and safely stored. No one has to physically transport it. Your backups are transmitted online and stored offsite automatically, each and every day.
* Encryption in flight and as stored
You don’t have to worry about someone stealing or tampering with your data. It is fully encrypted throughout transmission, storage, and recovery. Only you can decode it.
* Offsite storage in secure data centers
Your data is transmitted to vaults which are housed in Tier-1 Data Centers with round-the-clock security and environmental protection.
* On-demand recovery
When you need to recover your data, you can rely on our service to transmit it back to you with a few mouse clicks. Incidental file losses restore in seconds or minutes.

Save Time and Money

AmeriVault provides the infrastructure that would be too time-consuming and expensive for most companies to build for themselves.

You save using our online backup service because you do not have to provide the:

* Processing power. You do not have to supply servers.
* Software – You have no software licenses or annual upgrades to purchase.
* Hardware - You need no tapes, drives, libraries or associated maintenance costs.
* Storage - You have no space, power, or climate control concerns.
* Security – You do not have to worry about securing or monitoring your backups.
* Manpower – Your employees do not have to master new applications or waste time on daily management.

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