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130 Turner Street Building 3, Suite 220 Waltham, MA 02453
Phone: 800.774.0235
As one of the fastest growing companies in the Boston area, AmeriVault delivers fully-automated online backup and recovery services, while promising unquestionable security, compliance and exceptional customer service. They provide automated online backup to any recovery point or time objective.
  • Founded in 1998 | CEO is Bud Stoddard
  • Headquartered in Waltham, MA |

Company Overview
AmeriVault is a leading player in the managed data protection industry. Their products also include automated online backup, real-time replication and compliant email archiving. Their recovery services cater to any recovery point or time objective.

AmeriVault is one of the fastest growing companies in the Boston area, serving public and private organizations, such as technology corporations, financial services & banking, insurance, healthcare, law firms, manufacturing, educational institutions, payroll providers and transportation.

AmeriVault-AV is their premier backup service. It safeguards data for fast disaster recovery and compliance with regulatory mandates. It backs up and encrypts data automatically and transmits it over the Internet to redundant data vaults. Instead of traditional, failure-prone tape, AmeriVault-AV ensures data is protected and recoverable through advanced disk-to-disk technology.

AmeriVault-EV is a scaled-down version of AmeriVault-AV, offering a more price-competitive solution. Its also ideal for companies looking for a temporary solution to transition from tape-based storage, and to store their less critical data. AmeriVault-EV features the efficiencies of disk-to-disk technology with some built-in economies.

Bud Stoddard, President, Chief Executive Officer, Founder:
"I love to compete with the 800 pound gorillas. If we are a world-class business then the competition will see us as an opportunity, its great validation that we are doing the right thing. (

Company Highlights: AmeriVault drives down the cost of storage with data lifecycle solutions. Read the press release