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AltDrive Expands Secure Online Backup Service

Cliff Boodoosingh, Editor on June 14, 2012
The unlimited online backup service expands its reach to the entire North American continent serving home users and businesses alike.

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) June 13, 2012

AltDrive™ Secure Online File Backup Service is expanding its offering to the home users and general business communities throughout North America. Inexpensive and simple to setup, AltDrive provides unlimited remote file backup so that recovery is achievable after a disaster. AltDrive's key competitors are Carbonite™, Mozy and Backblaze.

Most people and businesses do not back up their important data regularly or at all. They do not have the time, or it's too expensive or complicated. But it happens - mistakes, computer viruses, negligence, fire, theft, hardware problems - when files are lost, often they cannot be recovered. With individuals that can mean loss of important documents or priceless photos and videos. For a business, that can mean loss of everything.

AltDrive addresses these backup concerns with a superb and inexpensive offering with many critical design and business features:

Secure Versioned Online Backup service for Home and Business.
Free, unlimited size backup, 60-day trial - no credit card required.
Provides unlimited remote storage for just $3.71 per month for Home customers.
An inexpensive utility style plan is offered for businesses on a budget.
The customer software is dummy-proof and easy to signup, install and administer using wizards.
Low use of computer system resources - usually less than 1% of system memory and CPU.
Does not slow computer usage.
The service automatically backs up all important files to a secure remote location.
Subsequent backups send only changes and are fast.
Files are compressed and then encrypted with a high strength cipher before their transmission to AltDrive.
Customers can control their encryption key preventing file access to even AltDrive personnel.
Default or highly defined backup sets allow for backing up exactly what you want.
Restores files easily and starts immediately, even to another computer.
Works efficiently on 32 and 64-bit Windows, Mac OSX, Linux and Solaris.
File data is de-duplicated making backups faster while using less network resources.
Biz software can operates in 'headless mode' for computer server backup.
Windows open/locked files are backed up from a volume shadow copy.
Optional email notifications on backup completions are issued.
Detailed status reports are available for businesses.
An administrator web portal is provided for the Biz customers.
File Versioning allows for recovering earlier versions of files.
Large > 4GB file support for videos, large archives, databases.
Efficient hybrid file system scan - deep checks weekly.
End-to-end data integrity checking for high recovery assurance.
Business customers can customize data retention policy.
Custom branded white-label offering for resellers such as IT professionals and co-location providers.
A generous referral program is provided for those who promote AltDrive.
Encrypted data stored in secure facility with redundant power, HVAC systems outside Seattle core liquefaction zone and constructed to seismic level 3.
The remote server facility utilizes a blended multiple provider network for increased reliability and throughput.
Ability to determine a lost or stolen computer's general location and other information to assist in recovery.

AltDrive was designed for the paranoid. It uses a super strong AES-256 CTR mode data encryption cipher with a private key so that even AltDrive personnel cannot view customer's files - a must for savvy businesses. For convenience, home users can elect to have AltDrive manage the encryption key.

The AltDrive service provides data de-duplication for improved backup efficiency. Some people just can't help it - they have multiple copies of documents, music, and photos on their machines. AltDrive finds these duplicates and does not back them up, instead making a record to refer to original at restore time. This feature makes backups significantly faster.

About AltDrive
Established in 2005, founded by a serial entrepreneur with security, scalability, and usability backgrounds, and located in Seattle, AltDrive's mission is to ensure that all computer data is securely backed up and versioned. The company is viable and debt free having been developed without outside investor capital. Visit for more information or to backup your computers.

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