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555 De Haro Street, Suite 400San Francisco CA, 94107
Phone: 415 992 7398 Fax: 415 358 4477
If you’ve given up on costly, complex backups, through external drives and tape drives, Allmydata provides an answer. Through the power of grid storage technology, Allmydata secures your e-mail, photos, music, movies and more. They are truly passionate about preserving your digital memories, forever.
  • Founded in 2004 | CEO is Peter Secor
  • Headquartered in San Francisco, CA |
  • Employees: 5 full-time and 5 consultant |
Company Overview
Allmydata was made for anyone who has experienced the loss of important data due to disk crashes, viruses or computer replacements. It’s for anyone who has given up on costly, complex backups, through external drives and tape drives.

The makers of Allmydata are truly passionate about digital memories, and want to preserve them forever – easily and seamlessly. Allmydata harnesses the power of grid storage technology to securely store your e-mail, photos, music, movies and more.

Online Backup

Allmydata’s online backup solution features:
• Easy, efficient uploading and backup
• Protect critical data from crashes and viruses
• Easy online storage and sharing
• Remote access to your files
• Risk free trial. No commitment. Cancel anytime.

Strong Encryption
Files stored with Allmydata are protected in two ways. They use strong encryption with a unique encryption key for each file stored in the network. They also break each encrypted file up into many small indistinguishable chunks before sending them out for storage.

Peter Secor, CEO:
"As our daily lives grow more and more digital, it is imperative that consumers can easily and automatically backup their important files, pictures, and music in a secure, reliable, and accessible place."

Data Center: Allmydata’s backup facilities are spread among many sites and they are constantly adding new sites. They can easily add our backup software to any computer and integrate it into their storage fabric, thus providing them with incredible reliability and very low administration costs.

Customers: Allmydata is currently in beta and cannot release exact customer figures, but the system is designed to support millions of users.

Company Highlight: Allmydata recently released a Web client, which enables users to manage their files from any standard web browser. This complements their native client, which provides local backup and full directory drag and drop support.