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AIMS Partners with Online Backup Firm, BMC

Cliff Boodoosingh on April 18, 2011
APRIL 18/11- MONROE, La. -- AIMS Inc. has selected Backup Manager Corp. (BMC), a provider of online data-backup solutions, with more than 23 years of experience, to complement AIMS' business recovery solutions.

"Petroleum marketers need an easier, foolproof, cost-effective method to backup and recover their critical data, which is the lifeblood of a marketer's organization. AIMS chose to include Backup Manager in our suite of solutions because on-line, cloud backup is the safest way to insure data integrity and recoverability of critical data, and BMC's business-class solution provides the best cost-effective solution for our clients. BMC eliminates the pain currently encountered using traditional backup methods." said David Dorries, director of sales and marketing for AIMS,

BMC delivers cloud backup capabilities, sometimes referred to as online backup, that allow marketers to economize and modernize their backup processes for greater efficiency, control and data availability. BMC's technology transmits a copy of the marketer's encrypted data over the network to BMC's backup vault and also places a copy of the data on a local storage device.

Petroleum marketers can perform cloud data backups and data restoration using the processes provided by BMC's business-class cloud backup and recovery solution.

"More and more organizations are choosing cloud-based backup and recovery for their needs because this technology enables them to intelligently leverage the advantages of cloud data backup," said Ron Haberman of Backup Manager. "This provides organizations with the control, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and a more secure way to protect their information assets."

Backup Manager is based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It provides a complete information storage and retrieval strategy, encompassing proprietary intelligent software, enterprise-class secure data storage facilities and unattended, full -automated backup services. Backup Manager Corp. offers solutions for every hardware configuration; Windows, Linux, Unix, MAC and more.

AIMS, headquartered in Monroe, La., develops, markets and supports an array of automated data processing products and services for the wholesale petroleum distribution industry. Products include COMPAS Commander, a complete fuel wholesale and retail accounting software system developed in a true Windows environment; AutoSend, a specialized UST fuel inventory management and dispatching software system; AutoSIR, an in-house Statistical Inventory Reconciliation software system; and AutoTax, a stand-alone tax solution, which offers all marketers a better choice when filing EDI motor fuel tax reports. Subsystems for these main products allow for automating Cardlock processing, payroll, customer bank account drafting, posting of rack prices from electronic downloads, faxing and emailing of critical documents directly from the computer system and communicating with onboard computerized fuel delivery metering systems.

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