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Ahsay & NTT CA Partner On Online Backup

Cliff Boodoosingh on October 06, 2008
Hong Kong (OPENPRESS) October 6, 2008 -- Ahsay Backup Software is one of the world’s most popular online corporate backup software, with a total of over 700,000 installations as well as 2,300 partners globally. NTT Com Asia (NTT CA) is well-known for its world-class information and communication services, including global network, internet services, data centers, hosting solutions, managed services, network security and integrated solutions. In fact, Ahsay System Corporation established a prolonged partnership with NTT CA to provide the best online backup solution for customers in Asia Pacific.

NTT CA utilize Ahsay to provide backup service
The management of NTT CA undertook series of in-depth market research and survey in 2004, and proved that online backup has a promising prospect and huge market potential. Consequently, NTT CA decided to utilize the excellent backup technology of Ahsay to provide professional online Disaster Recovery service to enterprises in all sizes. NTT CA Product Development Manager Samuel Cheung stated that: “In order to maintain the world-class standard of our SecureVault online backup service, we imposed strict requirements on every single component of the service. As a professional Disaster Recovery service provider, it is essential to possess first class data center and I.T support professionals. Stability and reliability of the system is equally important. After a comprehensive test, comparison and evaluation on the stability, reliability, functionality and data recovery success rate, we are pleased to indicate that Ahsay excels in its backup functions and user friendliness. It can certainly meet the backup needs of big and small enterprises. Moreover, the support team of Ahsay can provide fast and effective support in technical and operational areas. As a result, NTT CA determined to choose Ahsay# as our SecureVault online backup service partner.”

NTT CA takes the lead in exploring Japan’s online backup market
It has been over 4 years since the partnership between NTT CA and Ahsay#. At the same time, NTT CA’s SecureVault online backup service, which uses Ahsay #backup software as the core component, gained sound success in business development. Many large-scale enterprises and government departments in Hong Kong, South East Asia and Mainland China are using the service. In June 2008, NTT CA promoted SecureVault online backup service to Japan. Enterprises in Japan are well-known to be “top-notch” in service. However, combining NTT CA’s solid experiences in online backup service with Ahsay’s steady and excellent backup software techniques, the door to online backup services will surely be wide-open in Japan. Besides large businesses, NTT CA is also the first multinational telecommunications company in Japan to offer customized SecureVault service packages for SME and personal users, enabling them to enjoy the advantages of SecureVault, as well as large-scale enterprises.

Beneficial to businesses in all sizes
Ahsay’s Marketing Manager Ronnie Chan stated, “Ahsay# Backup Software is suitable for all sizes of businesses from multinational corporations with over 10,000 staff to SOHO companies with only a few staff. For large enterprises, Ahsay can provide customized backup solution and develop special features, according to the unique needs of different enterprises. For example, Windows Active Directory and Load-Balancing are dedicated to such enterprises. On the other hand, owners of small and medium enterprises often carry the mind-set that backup software is complicated to use, which is also the reason why they are so reluctant to backup their data. In order to meet the needs of this specific market segment, Ahsay provides a one-stop service, from purchasing hardware to on-site software installation to customers in Hong Kong. Now, with a few thousand Hong Kong dollars, small and medium enterprises can have a backup server in corporate standards, which is cost-effective and practical. Furthermore, Ahsay# will even visit SME for free software setups and demos. Our one-stop service let SME easily kick off for backup, totally trouble-free.”

About NTT CA
NTT Com Asia Limited (NTT CA) is a wholly owned subsidiary of NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com), the Global Data, IP, Voice service arm of Asia's largest telecommunications company, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) (NYSE: NTT), provides full range of ICT Solutions in Hong Kong since 1999.

With the full support of NTT Com and our strengthened partnerships in Asia, NTT CA offers world-class Global Network Services, IP Connectivity, Data Centre, Hosting Solutions, Managed Services, Security and Integrated Solutions to customers.

NTT Com with network coverage reaching out to 200 countries and regions, we have over 40 NTT Com offices around the world to provide customers with high quality and reliable Total Solution, let you grasp the huge market potential in the fastest growing regions.

About Ahsay System Corporation:
Ahsay Systems Corporation has been the world’s leading backup solution developer. Currently, Ahsay has over 2,300 partners of service providers and value-added resellers. Ahsay Backup Software has achieved over 700,000 installations worldwide as of August 2008.

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