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Ahsay Backup Software + NAS Device = Affordable Backup Appliance

Cliff Boodoosingh on January 25, 2008

Hong Kong (OPENPRESS) January 25, 2008 -- For small and medium businesses (SMBs) that are interested in implementing backup solution in-house but with limited budget on I.T. related spending, purchasing regular servers together with backup solutions may be expensive to them.

A total backup solution including backup software and hardware, which claimed to be ideal for SMBs, cost at least US$4,000 currently, without mentioning the I.T. specialists required to manage and maintain the solution.

Recently, network attached storage (NAS) devices are being widely used as storage servers because of their affordable prices compared to regular servers. As Ahsay may be the only value-for-money enterprise class backup software which can be installed and run on NAS devices flawlessly, Ahsay together with a NAS device become a total backup solution for SMBs with limited budgets. Morever, Ahsay Backup Software is easy to use, and therefore no I.T. “specialist” is required for administration and maintenance, thus help SMBs to save I.T. expenses.

Ahsay Backup Software Business Edition includes:
• Ahsay Offsite Backup Server (AhsayOBS), which is the server software for offsite backup and can be run on multiple platforms, including Windows, Vista, Linux, Mac, UNIX (Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, FreeBSD) and ALL other platforms supporting Java 2 SDK 1.4.2 Standard Edition.

• Ahsay Online Backup Manager (AhsayOBM), which is a robust and secure client software that supports the backup of MS Exchange Server 2007 (both Database-level and Brick-level backup for Microsoft Exchange 2003), MS SQL Server, MySQL Server, Oracle, Lotus / Domino, etc.

• Ahsay A-Click Backup (AhsayACB) , which is a light version of AhsayOBM that offers scheduled backup at the file-level. All major features in AhsayOBM are retained in AhsayACB with simple settings and clean user interface, making AhsayACB an ideal backup software for SMBs.

• Ahsay Replication Server (AhsayRPS), which is a replication software and provides an offsite store for backup data from multiple AhsayOBS.

• Brick-level Backup License, which is for backing up individual mailbox of the Microsoft Exchange server.

Detailed pricing is available at Ahsay’s website - Affordable pricing

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