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Acronis Employs Cloud Storage For Online Backup

Cliff Boodoosingh on February 18, 2011
Cutting-Edge Storage Cloud Deployed Internally

WOBURN, MA--(Marketwire - 02/17/11) - Acronis, a leading provider of easy-to-use backup, recovery and security solutions for physical, virtual and cloud environments, today announced it achieved an internal milestone by provisioning a high capacity storage system that serves the online archiving, backup and disaster recovery needs of Acronis customers. The cutting-edge solution is based on industry-standard hardware and, developed by Acronis, a highly scalable and redundant file system optimized for unstructured data.

Leveraging the company's heritage as a leader in storage technologies, Acronis engineers developed this low-cost, highly redundant storage cloud to provide online backup and archiving for thousands of current Acronis customers. Acronis is now exploring commercial applications of this architecture for private storage clouds. Based on industry-standard hardware and Acronis' developed software, the new solution offers a highly scalable and redundant system to provide easy management for multiple Petabytes of unstructured data. This technology has performed exceptionally well in early applications for delivering backup & recovery services to Acronis' customers.

"Today normally you have to buy large expensive storage arrays and software to get multiple Petabytes of storage," said Dmitri Joukovski, vice president of product management, at Acronis. "Based on our experience in this space, we have engineered a solution based on commodity hardware and our software, which allows easy management from Terabytes to multiple Petabytes of unstructured data at fraction of the price currently charged by storage hardware vendors. For certain backup and archival applications, this new technology could prove to be a real advantage for Acronis and its customers."

The Acronis research and development team continues to refine the new solution and is progressing towards a commercially available offering in the future.

About Acronis
Acronis is a leading provider of easy-to-use backup, recovery and security solutions for physical, virtual and cloud environments. Its patented disk imaging technology enables corporations, SMBs and consumers to protect their digital assets. With Acronis' disaster recovery, deployment and migration software, users protect their digital information, maintain business continuity and reduce downtime. Acronis software is sold in more than 90 countries and available in up to 14 languages. For additional information, please visit Follow Acronis on Twitter:

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