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Online Backup Service Providers

The Online Backup and storage field is literally fraught with providers as the industry continues to grow.

Business owners and consumers are faced with the important issue of finding the right Online Backup provider and determining which solution best matches their needs.

Browse through and examine the various Online Backup categories below to find the best service providers with the industry-leading solutions you demand. And find additional information by reading our practical, information-rich guides.

Online Backup Service Providers

Personal Online Backup

Are you looking to backup photos, digital music, emails and your important files and documents for a low monthly cost?

Get a Personal Online Backup solution to suit your budget and protect all your valuable data on your PC or laptop.

The Online Backup vendors listed below have the right solutions to cater to all your personal online backup needs with all the safety and security you require.

Personal Online Backup Providers

Free Online Backup

For absolutely no cost, backup your computer files easily, reliably and securely. As your requirements and data needs grow and an upgrade is in order, you’ll already have first-hand knowledge of how well your vendors can handle your backup requirements.

Whatever files, documents or personal data you need to backup online anytime, the online backup specialists featured below have the expertise and technology to store and protect your information professionally.  

Free Online Backup Providers

Server Online Backup

If you’re looking for a cost-effective and hassle-free alternative to traditional backup and storage solutions, look to vendors with the capability to handle industrial strength loads. Protect all the data from your dedicated server or any network computer for that matter.

Your company's servers are the lifeblood to your business, therefore, it's imperative to find robust solutions. Start with the leading Online Backup providers listed here with proven track records in the offline data storage and security industry.

Server Online Backup Providers

Small Business Online Backup

Backing up data does not have to be complicated or overly expensive. Small businesses today have several options for protecting and securing their mission-critical information, depending on their size without draining IT resources.

The industry leaders listed below provide the Online Backup services that are most in demand by small businesses in search of reliable data backup solutions at cost-effective price points.

Small Business Online Backup Providers

Secure Online Backup

Proper backup procedures are of the utmost importance and can make all the difference should an IT disaster strike.

Security is equally as important and many companies need all user data files protected with the most powerful encryption and compression available.

Many of the Online Backup vendors listed below use 448-bit strong Blowfish encryption just for this reason knowing that some companies insist on industry-strength Online Backup solutions.

Secure Online Backup Providers

Enterprise Online Backup

Enterprise level online backup solutions must be obtained for larger companies with more demanding and complex backup needs.

If your vaulting requirements are extensive and you need to avoid the additional expense of hardware, software or additional staff, online server backup services may prove to be the ultimate solution compared to conventional in-house or outsourced methods.

Larger organizations should look to the vendors below to deliver best-of-breed Online Backup services.

Enterprise Online Backup Providers

UK Online Backup

Online Backup service providers throughout the UK are ready to inform home users, small offices, and large corporations alike about safe, secure, and automated online backup services that are simple enough for personal use, but robust enough to address the needs of Fortune 500 companies.

The UK Online Backup service providers below have the experience required and a full menu of data backup solutions to satisfy the needs of the most discerning customer.

UK Online Backup Providers

Canadian Online Backup

Online backup companies based in Canada are adept industry leaders providing services to suit all budgets and serve customers ranging from the individual user right up to the larger corporations requiring more powerful business solutions.

The Canadian Online Backup providers listed here are recognized as premier vendors and merit strong consideration when purchasing any computer and data backup service.

Canadian Online Backup Providers