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Online Backup Provider, AmeriVault Assists SMBs With “Green” Programs

Cliff Boodoosingh on December 21, 2007
 12/21/2007-AmeriVault , a leading provider of online data backup, offsite storage, and recovery services, today is offering small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) data backup options for “green data storage” practices that support broader “green” programs and initiatives.

Organizations of all sizes are generating significant amounts of data, resulting in an ever-increasing data footprint. With the recent focus surrounding “green” awareness, many companies are now seeking solutions to reduce the environmental impact of their operations and storage practices.

Online data backup and storage can provide a “green” alternative for many who are currently using tape-based backup solutions. Those using tape-based systems increase their carbon footprint as a result of the manufacturing, packaging, power consumption and waste issues that tapes incur as they wear out and require disposal. Online data backup and storage also eradicates the need for trucking services that contribute large amounts of CO2 emissions with daily burning of fuel and the resulting exhaust as they make dozens of stops to pickup and deliver tapes.

“When businesses think of ‘green’ data storage strategies they inevitably link it with data center power consumption and kilowatts,” stated Bud Stoddard, President & CEO of AmeriVault. “However, we believe the issue goes far beyond just power. Corporations need to take a good look at their data storage practices as the majority are needlessly storing terabytes of older, less accessed data on production servers, which negatively impedes ‘green’ efforts, leading to wasted energy and dollars.”

With data volumes steadily increasing, SMBs are forced to add more hardware, which translates into more power consumption. Significant amounts of energy and money are wasted in the process of storing data as SMBs are overly dependent on hardware and over utilize corporate servers with non-critical data. Through online archiving and life cycle solutions, SMBs can postpone or eliminate the need to expand local storage or add servers.

As companies adopt “green” initiatives, AmeriVault provides the following five best practices to “go green” with their data storage strategy:

    * Online data backup – By moving to a disk-based online backup solution, organizations can eliminate their CO2 emission footprint resulting from moving tapes to offsite locations. They also discontinue disposal of used tapes into the environment.
    * Tiered storage – Place older, inconsequential data into lower-cost archival disk so you can extend the life of existing production storage and postpone adding hardware and the extra energy required to power and cool it. Typically, this data does not require repetitive backup. One copy can be archived to minimize excess storage.
    * Virtualization – Virtualized servers allow companies to make effective and efficient use of their available system resources. This allows SMBs to recover mission critical business systems, quickly and cost-effectively – while providing a far more energy-efficient solution for companies and data centers alike. With AmeriVault, a single software client can backup multiple virtual servers without adding any new hardware or devices that need to be plugged in.
    * De-duplication – Eliminate redundant files to decrease both data storage costs and energy usage. In many organizations, files transferred via internal email often end up being stored dozens of times. New storage technologies allow for de-duplication on primary storage and with AmeriVault, de-duplication will happen on backup for the most energy efficient and practical way to protect data.
    * Data compression – With block-level change technology and compression algorithms, backup storage is significantly decreased therefore minimizing storage capacities and the associated power and cooling.

About AmeriVault
With nearly 1,000 clients across all 50 states and 14 countries, AmeriVault, is a proven leader in managed data protection and offsite storage services, including online backup, disk-based recovery, high-availability, data lifecycle and archiving solutions. Backed by a SAS 70 (Type II) certification, AmeriVault’s efficient solutions employ aggressive security safeguards while ensuring business continuity, seamless disaster recovery, and regulatory compliance.

Whether data requires continuous backup, high availability, or data archiving, AmeriVault’s solutions are tailored according to data value, lifecycle, regulated attributes, and recovery objectives, as well as desired redundancies and price points.

AmeriVault combines the highest levels of customer service, premium solutions, award-winning software, and secure world-class datacenters to deliver Excellence in Data Protection


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