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agámi Systems Redefines The Rules Of Network Storage For SMBs With An Enterprise-Class Unified Storage Solution

Cliff Boodoosingh on August 16, 2007

8/15/2007 - agámi Systems announced recently it is redefining the rules of network storage by bringing together for the first time a highly functional yet affordable choice of storage to small and medium-size businesses (SMBs). With the agámi Information Server AIS1006, agámi Systems is delivering unprecedented levels of enterprise-class functionality, free live replication, industry-leading throughput levels of 300 MB/s and 6TB of capacity at a break-through price point of $2,995 per Terabyte. Available immediately at the AIS1006 is retailing for $17,970.

“With the development and introduction of the AIS1006, agámi Systems is changing the way that SMBs think about unified storage. For too long, this community has been limited to low-end disk arrays or Windows server based solutions that typically fall short when it comes to breadth of features, performance, scalability, and reliability. Our offering directly addresses the storage needs of this fast growing yet under-served market and delivers simplified, yet advanced solutions at the right price point,” says David Stiles, President and CEO, agámi Systems, Inc.

The AIS1006 is based on agámi System’s hallmark style of network storage – systems that don’t compromise on functionality, raise the industry bar on performance - at prices that enable customers of all sizes to reap the benefits of enterprise storage. The AIS1006 offers a feature set that includes full multi-protocol storage – iSCSI, NFS, CIFS, NDMP, SNMP; full data integrity & reliability including RAID5 with parallel rebuild; full environmental monitoring with call-home features; Snapshots; and free live replication. The high performance iSCSI implementation is fully compatible with VMware, Microsoft Exchange, and Microsoft SQL Server.

As SMBs and remote offices confront the everyday challenges of data protection and ensuring business continuity, agámi Systems’ live file replication, agámiFSR, replicates file systems between a primary and a secondary AIS server, either synchronously or asynchronously, over a LAN or WAN. It can be used to replicate critical data, to consolidate data from several remote locations in real time, or to establish multiple remote locations for disaster recovery. With this functionality being offered free of charge on the AIS1006, SMB customers can for the first time implement the same kinds of disaster recovery and business continuity solutions deployed by large enterprises.

San Luis Diagnostic Center, an outpatient medical imaging center in Central California recognizes the potential of the AIS1006 as a cost-effective and reliable replication solution for protection of its critical medical imaging / PACS data from its primary agámi Information Servers. “San Luis Diagnostic Center is a small outpatient unit but one that handles the diagnostic records of over 19,000 patients a year. Using an AIS3006 we’ve been able to consolidate over 150,000 digital medical files, retrieving even the largest, most complex examinations in seconds,” says Dr. Fred Vernacchia, Medical Director of San Luis Diagnostics Center. “Now with the AIS1006 in production we’re leveraging the additional capacity and built-in replication of the new system to synchronize with our existing appliance to ensure recoverability and business continuity.”

Through agámi’s unique style of architecture for network storage that uses a blend of 64-bit Symmetric Multi-Processor (SMP) technology, enterprise-class SATA drives and HyperTransport I/O technology, agámi Systems is offering SMBs and enterprise remote offices the highest levels of performance for both random and streaming I/O and that shatter existing price/performance levels.

In addition to functionality, performance and price, other key features and benefits of the AIS1006 include:

    * Consolidated storage - iSCSI and NAS host connectivity that enables concurrent block and file I/O through an easy-to-use management interface
    * Scalability – Support for up to 6TB of capacity
    * Simplified Manageability – Web-based management interfaces for easy configuration
    * Low TCO – less than half the power and cooling requirements of Fibre Channel-based storage systems

agámi Systems designed the AIS1006 to specifically support SMBs with their Server Virtualization environments, to consolidate and simplify their Windows-based storage environments, for disaster recovery applications and disk based backup and recovery applications, to enable remote office support and backup consolidation, and as a higher performance and better featured alternative to Windows-based storage solutions. Solution briefs for many of these applications are available at

The AIS1006 is fully compatible with agámi System’s higher density and higher performance AIS3000 and AIS6000 products.

Pricing and Availability

Available now, the AIS1006 costs $17,970 and is being sold by agami Systems exclusively online at

About agámi Systems, Inc.
agámi Systems is the leading provider of enterprise network storage systems with integrated live file system replication. The agámi Information Server delivers breakthrough performance and unprecedented cost savings for geographically distributed business-critical applications. By unlocking the bottlenecks of NAS performance, agámi Information Servers enable fast, efficient storage for large-scale file and database applications. agámi Systems solutions integrate seamlessly into customers’ existing infrastructure and applications and are compatible with the leading enterprise storage management software products. Only agámi Information Servers deliver the most cost-effective way for enterprises to safely share and protect information from remote locations. To find out more about agámi Systems, visit

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