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Backupify Adds Online Backup & Archiving for LinkedIn

Cliff Boodoosingh on February 11, 2011
Automated, Intuitive Solution Bulletproofs Accounts on the World’s Largest Online Professional Network

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Backupify (, the leading provider of online backup, archiving and export services for cloud-based data, today announced the availability of its LinkedIn backup solution. This automated, easy-to-use service provides users with an independent archiving solution for important data stored in their LinkedIn profiles, including work experience, education, connections and personal recommendations.

    “Without a backup for this important information, users are vulnerable to data loss, and more importantly, being overlooked by potential business partners, customers and hiring managers.”

Backupify for LinkedIn preserves critical information that business professionals rely on every day to share ideas, network with peers and recruit top talent. LinkedIn currently lacks a native means for users to extract the important contents of their profiles. Backupify provides users with a simple, automated backup service that creates an independent copy of critical LinkedIn data, including the connections to and recommendations from clients and coworkers, that make a LinkedIn profile invaluable.

In addition to the peace of mind that Backupify provides individual LinkedIn users, the service can be used to help safely govern the use of social media by regulated businesses. More and more, businesses and government agencies rely on external sites like Facebook and LinkedIn to communicate with customers and constituents. Highly regulated businesses must establish standards for how they protect and archive social media data to comply with records retention policies and conformance with FINRA and SEC guidelines. Now supporting LinkedIn, Backupify provides an independent archive across multiple cloud services including Google Apps, Facebook and Twitter that enables organizations to use social media with a greater degree of confidence.

"Especially when I came back into the workforce after having 2 kids in a row, LinkedIn served as an important tool for keeping my close professional network current,” said Laura Fitton, CEO/Founder of oneforty. “Now, the loss of access to my LinkedIn connections could limit my ability to look for candidates, keep in touch with past co-workers and business affiliates, write, receive and store recommendations and nurture other business opportunities."

“LinkedIn continues to emerge as a powerful personal and business resource making it a logical addition to our suite of cloud data backup and archiving services,” said Rob May, CEO and Co-Founder of Backupify. “Without a backup for this important information, users are vulnerable to data loss, and more importantly, being overlooked by potential business partners, customers and hiring managers.”

LinkedIn, the largest online professional network in the world, currently adds a new user every second of every day. With connections to executives from every Fortune 500 company, the site has supplanted all other resources as the most critical online business networking and professional branding tool for individuals. LinkedIn users rely on the site to customize a SEO-friendly resume and build and maintain their personal Rolodex.

Backupify for LinkedIn is now available. For a full listing of the LinkedIn data that Backupify archives, and to sign-up, visit

About Backupify

Backupify is the leading backup provider for cloud-based data, offering an all-in-one archiving, search and restore service for the most popular online services including Google Apps, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Flickr and more. Backupify ensures that users can access and control the data they entrust to these systems and prevents data loss from external threats, user error or service failure. Today over 120,000 users trust Backupify to protect 730 million emails, 100 million images and 140 million tweets. Backupify was founded in 2008 and is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. For more information, please visit or follow @Backupify on Twitter.

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